Found what seems to be a firmware bug, but support insists on replacing my camera!


I feel weird posting this… I don’t even know in which forum post this…

I have six V3 cameras, 4 installed and 2 that I still haven’t installed. All 4 installed cameras were working with no issues, with firmware version

After upgrading one of them to firmware version, that camera frequently goes offline. The other 3 cameras (still with previous firmware) works just fine.
If I power cycle the camera that went offline, it connects again.

I am 99.9% sure it is a firmware bug. I’m almost sure if I revert the camera to the previous firmware, the issue will be solved (I didn’t do it yet because I assumed Wyze would ask me to submit a log).

I searched the forums, found no post about this issue, so I contacted Wyze support. They immediately offered a warranty replacement or Wyze Gift Card. I replied that it seemed to be a bug, asked them if they wanted me to submit a log… but they ignore me and keep asking for the information to go with the replacement or gift card.

I feel stupid rejecting their money… but this must be a firmware bug! “The Right Thing To Do” :slightly_smiling_face: is to fix it! My engineer’s mind refuses to do anything else!

Also, when I’m forced to update the other 5 cameras to the latest version, if they -as I think is the most probably thing- have the same issue, will they replace all my cameras?

Furthermore, I don’t want to be forced to fisically replace all my cameras (installed on very hard to reach places)… probably, only to find that it doesn’t solve the problem.

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much!

The question needing to be asked is if they want the old cam returned. If they are just going to send you a new warranty replacement, I’m not sure where the decision point is.

Flash the cam back and test your theory.

As for the firmware, there haven’t been any widespread reports of it knocking cams offline. It has been in the field for quite some time (May) and is currently the most stable (and latest) public OTA release available. has been updated three times now. The first two were either replaced or pulled. The current limited release firmware,, is available publicly for download and flash update only. It can only be OTA Updated for users already running 4.36.10.xxxx.

If there is a bug in causing this, it is probably a moot point since the same bug would need to be tested and confirmed in the newest firmware awaiting it’s widespread OTA release: You also have the option to flash to the newest and test if the bug is still there.

I have on all of my cams and haven’t had a single one go offline since like 4.36.8.xx. And, when they were going offline it was because of a weak WiFi network. Upgrading to full mesh coverage eradicated that problem.