Unable to update v3 firmware

So, for a while now one of my v3 cam is showing offline in the app and will not let me update firmware.

I have multiple v3 cams and only this 1 is having the issues.

I am able to view the stream, view playback, get notifications from, and it still records events from the camera, but shows offline.

The following has been done with no change to status:

-power cycle the camera
-uninstalled/reinstalled the app

Is there a fix for this? Is this a common issue?

Wyze is working the issue, and hopes to have a fix soon.

Yes, having a camera show “offline” while in fact it is working fine is a somewhat common issue. Sometimes you can clear it with the steps you have already taken, but none of those are reliable. Wait a while and it will clear up by itself. Might take hours, and might take weeks. I have 30 operational Wyze cameras, and almost always have at least one in the false “offline” state. Currently it is one of my older V2 cameras that is at a remote mountain top radio site so no practical way to power cycle it.
And as you noted, when in the false “offline” state, you can’t firmware update the camera.

If you want to update the firmware and see if that fixes your “off line” issue you can do this procedure. Download the December 6, 2021 firmware to your computer then extract the firmware file to an SD card. Read step 2 of the directions to rename the file. I don’t know if this will fix your issue.

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Sign out of the app

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Pretty sure that would do whatever just logging out and back into the app would. Did not help.

I will try this at some point. Thanks!