Wyze cams v1 unable to update or do anything other than view live feed. Support unable to help

Hi I’ve got a few Wyze cams v1 (Yes i was a pretty early adopter) and now they are at the end of their lives I reckon. (to be clear I have some wyze cames v2, pan, and v3, which aren’t having any issues). On the preview screen they always show “offline”. When you click on it to view the live feed, it’s clearly online and you can view the live feed. But you can’t change any options or view playback, if you click anything in the options it says “update firmware”. This is just a standard error message, it doesn’t really mean anything. If you try to update firmware then it says the camera is offline and to restart and try again.

So far three wyze support people have only suggested unhelpful troubleshooting steps (update the firmware - Lol I already explained why that can’t be done) (Factory reset - did not solve any issues and now the wyze bridge which was connected isn’t being picked up and now I’m missing two door sensors because of that).

All in all I’m worse off after contacting Wyze support, so pretty hesitant to take any more of their advice. Does anyone know how to fix this issue or are these cameras (about 7-8 years old) just too old to work anymore? Is the standard Wyze fix to just buy replacements? :expressionless:

This was fixed in a firmware update a while ago. Since your cameras are offline, you have to use the uSD card method for firmware updates.


I tried updating the firmware via sd card however it doesn’t work. The amber light keeps flashing, it doesn’t restart, even after waiting a long time.

I followed the instructions for flashing the firmware on wyze support

Anyone know how to fix this issue?

Make sure your using a 32gb or smaller card formatted to fat32, make sure you renamed the file and put it into the root directory of the card


And make sure that you name it correctly. by default, Windows will hide the filename extension. That makes it easy to rename the file to demo.bin.bin instead of demo.bin as required.

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