V1 Cameras Not Working

I have a couple of V1 cameras and I understand no more firmware updates but at least let us keep them online. I can unplug, wait a few, plug in and they are active, but about 20-30min they go inactive. I think it’s the app that kicks them off. No reason to just kick them, if they work then let them work. Ideas? I don’t see any errors


thank you, I didn’t want to waste my time reading a 4 month old thread if no fix was found. They say it was fixed but for those of us that had it offline for so long, well now they won’t even connect. Guess I will be frustrated like others. lol

Just curious, I appreciate your help.

The bottom line as I understand it is that you CAN update to the new firmware and that your cameras WILL work again, but only for live viewing.

Yea, if your cams are offline update them by flashing the firmware with a 32gb or less micro sd card. Most functions should work how they have as far as I understand, but they are working on fixing some other stuff.


Thanks guys, I’ll get an SD card so I can do that.

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I feel that those of us that heavily invested in V1 & 2 have been severely let down by Wyze. Our word of mouth about how great this startup was got a lot of customers on board, and now we’ve just been cast off.

Did the fix above not fix you?