Wyze1 Cameras

I contacted your support site hoping to get an answer on Why my Wyze Cam 1’s stopped working. I advised the person who assisted me (Cara) what I had done - So she asked to me to try to do a hard reset which I did, and advised her what took place - Ya know what she asked me to do “would you try it again” - after I had advised her that I had attempted to set it up 3 times prior - don’t you think I should have gotten a 2nd level or 3rd level tech by then?

So I am not going to replace these cameras with Wyze 2, 3 or 4 or whatever system you have now. I’m moving on to something else


sigh welcome to the world of wyze no longer supporting V1. If V1 cam is disconnected for whatevr reason (power surge, etc) they will never again re connect as of May. We were never truly informed that this would be happening but resets, etc will do nada. You will have a blinking blue light from now on. Sry and there are quite a few of us angry.


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