Wyze- please address v1 flashing blue light

There have been so many reports of the V1 camera being stuck on a flashing blue light once they disconnect (cannot reconnect).

You said the cameras would still work. Did you lie. At least have the courtesy to address this.

Scanning the forum it appears to be more than just the V1 cameras having issues. Multiple posts about V1, V2 and V3 cameras disconnecting from the wifi and being unable to reconnect. I suspect Wyze is having server issues again.

Youre using a cam that’s 2 generations behind the current cam, and is End Of Life and no longer supported. Time to buy some v3 or at the very least some used v2

I have V2s and V3s but that is not the point. Wyze said the V1s would continue to work. They appear to only work if you never let them lose power since they cannot reconnect. If that’s the case let wyze say they changed their minds and V1s are dead.

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Wyze does not monitor this the fourm is for end users

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Send in log file(S). Otherwise, Wyze won,t act on it.

It is not your V1, it is Wyze doing.