Wyze forcing me to buy a new cam...meh

My V1 was working and suddenly now it wont connect. There are threads on this blue light flashing and not being able to reconnect.
After back and forth with support, doing everything to reconnect, I am told to buy a new cam. The cam works, but guess Wyze decided none of us need V1s anymore

That is disappointing to hear. :frowning:
I am curious, how many years did you get out of the device and how much did you pay for it?

Whats disappointing is V1 cam has worked since 2017 and for whatever the reason, if cam gets disconnected, it will not reconnect no matter what you try. Just a flashing blue light…

Newer isn’t always better…


I hear ya. But for whatever reason it doesn’t work, why punish yourself for a device that stopped working they way you need it. You can pickup a V3 on eBay for $30 with free shipping. While new is not always better, you can pretty much depend that a V3 is at least as good as your V1 was.

I have V2s, V3s…thats not the point. The point is taking something that was working, rendering it useless and not giving us the courtesy of letting us know it was going to stop working in May.



Perhaps you missed the articles all over the media (don’t know if Wyze will remove or respond), but from what I understand, the v1 cameras had a serious security flaw (Wyze security flaw let hackers access videos — and a fix took years | AppleInsider). Allegedly this security flaw was known about by Wyze all the way back to 2019. Once media outlets finally started talking publicly about the security flaw around March 2022, that coincides with Wyze yanking support/disabling cameras.

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If Wyze intended to disable all v1 cameras they should have owned that regardless of whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. (I don’t think they did intend it so taking a wait and see approach)

What is really annoying is that wyze gleefully announced that they had managed to allow the v1 to work with cam lite. But not a word when they decided to block the v1 from connecting.

Another thing to note a V1 that has not lost power will continue to work (I have 1 left), which means there is no real problem. Wyze just decided to block them from authenticating to make us buy new cameras (not happening).


I have 4 cameras and they ALL stopped working, and 2 are not even 1 year old. I guess that is one way to sell cameras, by making them to only last 6 months. Extremely disappointing.

If these are new cameras, that’s very unusual from what people describe on here, and you should contact Wyze support directly.