Official word from Wyze on v1 not working any more?

Is there any official word from Wyze on them disabling v1 cameras ?

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Not to my knowledge, but they don’t tell us much. What is your issue?

As I posted in another thread, Wyze has not disabled v1 cameras, however, it seems they have disabled either through firmware (which I’ve been unsuccessful in rolling back), the app, or both the ability to re-setup the camera if it loses connection to the current device listing. IMO, this is not how you handle “no longer supporting” a device for those who have invested. My future buying decisions will also reflect this consideration.


I started with V2’s and then upgraded to V3’s never bought a V1 but seeing how Wyze does business I likely will not buy anymore Wyze products.

1.) I have enough cameras and have no need to add more (24 cams)

2.) After Wyze lost focus on the cameras and started peddling other electro-crap which then bloated the Wyze application. I just want an app for the cameras only. Don’t want to shop from app either. Just a clean streamlined camera only app.

3.) I pay for CamPlus Unlimited, I should not be subjected to advertising for CamPlus when I have it, fix the code Wyze I still get the :no_entry_sign: 12 sec crap :exclamation:

4.) Cameras should be able to operate with or without internet, next cameras to replace these in the future will have local network operations without internet…

Still doing the CamPlus Ad on my paid annual subscription 6-30-2022


TinyCam. :wink:


well glad it wasn’t only me…my dependable V1 suddenly, after 4 yrs, stopped connecting. Support gave me same old, same old ways to reconnect and nada.

The latest solution from them is to buy another camera. Meh


The camera gets an IP assigned from the router but i am unable to add it in the app.

I agree. They shouldn’t decommission older versions just to force customers to buy newer versions. And in this case, they have not even announced it publicly.


I see the same thing. This isn’t a case of a failed WiFi chip. Setup appears to have been blocked.


It sure seems fo be deep in the benign neglect phase at the very least.


I have no special insights other than to say it would be weird to discontinue without notice. Unless Wyze thought EOL was notice that they were going to brick the cameras. It isn’t and, tbh, I don’t think they thought that or support wouldn’t bother to go through troubleshooting.

tl;dr Best Guess: They’ve stopped testing with v1 so a bug slipped into production software in the app or server side that broke things but it wasn’t intentional & will probably get fixed if enough people submit logs/complaints.


While that’s a valid guess, I’m leaning towards *purposely stopped allowing new V1 registrations for known security reasons and hoping no one would notice".


My 4th V1 camera went down last week. I tried delete/ reinstall, factory reset–even tried installing at my brother’s house–no luck. Earlier today I ordered two new V2 black cameras, but issues are costing me.


It’s really disappointing that Wyze has not responded. Even with just, “This is intended” or “This was not intended” would help people stay informed and be way better communication.

Looks like the best option is to hope some Tech website picks up the story with a headline, “Wyze silently bricks all their v1 cameras,” because it’s been weeks and it sure seems like radio silence.


…or an intentional push for loyal customers to be forced into replacing functional hardware. It’s about the dollars and cents here; don’t expect a response from Wyze because for everyone who goes out an buys a v2 or v3, it’s a win for them.


Is it, though? I’m not saying they wouldn’t believe it’s a win but I think ecosystem lock is more powerful. If you break their v1’s then they ask themselves, “Well, is Wyze going to do this to me again if I buy a v2 or v3? Maybe I should go with a bigger brand name since they are more likely to stick around?”

If my v3 cameras are intentionally broken by Wyze in 2025 there will have to be an incredibly huge price differential between Wyze and competitors for me to consider them because of the personal betrayal I’d feel in having a perfectly good piece of equipment being remotely disabled.

I still think this must be a mistake on Wyze’s part and they just aren’t prioritizing a fix. Why burn so many early adopters and true believers by shutting down v1 cameras without notice? That’s just absurd.


Hello everyone,

This is not intended and is currently being looked into. Even though the Wyze Cam v1 has hit EOL they should still be working. I will update again when I have more information.


Great news, thanks for letting everyone know. Very much appreciated.


Let’s get this figured out ASAP.


@RoboNaught for the win then.

Thanks, @WyzeJasonJ .