November 11th Wyze Beta Update:

Hello everyone,

We sent out a beta firmware upgrade that had a negative impact on Wyze Cam v2s that attempted the upgrade today. We quickly pulled that release but some people were still affected by this. We were able to see which cameras ran into this issue and we sent out an email to all of their owners offering a replacement for every affected Wyze Cam. If you were part of this group, please check your Wyze account email inbox for a message from us.

We apologize again for this experience and we have already implemented new processes to prevent similar experiences from happening in the future. Thank you for your patience.




Thank you for putting the date in the title!
I was busy with relatives at the airport today so I missed the release and subsequent problems.


Wyze Team rocks. I was able to finally downgrade my V2’s firmware. glad the team is taking care of those who couldn’t downgrade.

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I did not receive an email, both of my V2 cams were effected: pretty bummed.
UPDATE: Email went to my spam folder…

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Oh no! I assume I’d know if I was affected? Were the cameras bricked?

I have 2 cams that were effected, will both be replaced; how can I verify this?

Check your “spam” folder. Both of my V2 cams went off line, will not connect…

Mine are connecting. I was just curious about the nature of the problem, since she didn’t elaborate. That’s why I asked if the cameras had been bricked. If I had a bricked camera, it would be pretty obvious. :slight_smile:


Beta happens.

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As far as I know the cameras in question were bricked.

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Once again beta testers are required to visit several forums to try and figure out what’s going on.
From my readings on FB it seems many V2’s were upgraded, a good portion were bricked. Some people had as many as 7 bricked :frowning: when doing a bulk update.
Little mention on Reddit.

Once again - this is Beta, many of us are fairly dedicated Beta testers, unless Wyze REQUESTS that I test more than one camera, I start out with one and put up with the “nag” messages about updates.


That is a good idea, next time I’m gonna test one camera at a time. TW, what does having “brick " camera” mean?

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“Bricking” an electronic device refers to making it inoperable with all the qualities of a dead weight.
/edit - apparently some of the cameras were recoverable. True bricking often occurs with the release of that special smoke put in every electronic device.


Lol… I thought that but it felt too obvious… :grin:

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I’m so glad I read this. I didn’t know there was an update available, and I’m glad I didn’t update. This is what beta is for I guess.

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Does this affect the Wyze Pan also? It’s saying there is an update available, but I think I’ll wait a while.

Initial reports on FB indicate the Pan update was OK.

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Technology is all smoke and mirrors until you lose the smoke. :wink:


I wasn’t paying attention and just saw that my pan cam had a update. I wondered why only the pan cams had updates and not V2’s. I tapped the what’s new and that was no help as it was way out of date. Then I saw this on the forum. I installed on one of my pan cams and it was OK. Glad I didn’t try updating my V2’s. I never use the bulk update and I go into the settings and info and firmware update so I can see the progress for that camera. It’s the logical thing to do.