Wyze Camera Firmware Beta test 8/25/2020


Wyze Cam v2: 4.9.6. 174
Wyze Cam Pan: 4.10.6. 174

Release Notes (compared to 4.X.6.160 version)


  • Added metrics for upgrade and CamPlus failure


  • Fixed a bug that could cause the camera to reboot during Playback

  • Fixed a Wyze Cam Pan bug that caused over-sensitive motion detection when a Detection Zone was enabled

  • Fixed a bug which caused some CamPlus cameras to not record motion

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Wyze Cam status light to flash yellow/blue after the router lost power and came back

  • Fixed a stability bug when a Bridge connected to a camera

  • Other bug fixes


  • Some video events may fail to upload to the cloud - Some Wyze Cams may not trigger CO or fire alarm


  • Viewing Playback
  • Event recording
  • Wyze Sense

Looks good :+1:
Busy updating right now, will play with it tonight :blush:

why one of my v2 showing very different firmware version?

It is showing different because is RTSP firmware


totally forgot that

Anyone else had trouble updating?
Its bricked all my devices. (logs are here: ticket number 36596)
I’ve power cycled them and no change.
I’ve yet to reinstall the previous firmware, but thats kinda my last step as it wipes all my settings, config, etc.

Yep i got the same issue. Bricked all mine, tried power cycle and nothing changed. They get stick on the flashing blue light. I dont know how to downgrade on the beta program

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I upgraded 2/3 of my V2s. So far everything seems normal.

Ticket raised 36615. All devices are bricked, cant connect and not sure how to revert. Any ideas?
Power cycled
Tried factory reset
Tried using demo.bin from sd card (that didnt do anything) - using firmware
Not sure what else but until a response from here really.

Advice is to hold off cause this does cause some bricks.

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Damn, that was my plan B to bring them back up was to flash from the demo.bin files. Altho, seems odd how it didnt work? I’ve yet to try but will edit this when I have.

Do we have any beta files we can flash?

EDIT - Card must be fat32 format to revert. So its unbricked now

Also after flashing latest stock firmware and upgrading to this version it bricks it also .

I updated both of mine and they are fine, 160 - > 174.
It took a while, but they’re fine.

All good here. One of my v2’s froze while updating, forcing me to pull the power, but came back up with the new firmware installed. But that cam always has trouble with firmware updates.

I haven’t seen any difference going from 160 to 174 other than the the new know error where it fails to upload a clip. Still getting the old “no fragment” error.

All of my cams upgraded without any problems. But I also still got the “no fragment” error once so far

The next time one of those error messages comes up, would you mind submitting a log for those cameras and letting me know the log number?

No problem, how do I submit a log for the camera?

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@NumberOne I just submitted the log ( 36738 ). Also FYI, even though I got the error, I was able to exit and tap the video again and it played the second time

I found it under Account, Help and Feedback, bottom of the page.