Camera's are Still Broken since update

I am finding Support massively lacking. I am hoping someone has found a fix themselves. Support asked me to submit reports for each camera inside the app, then asked for the mac addresses of the devices. I understand they need information, but I am feeling after I submitted the reports they are just trying to get me to jump off a bridge. I am hoping some has sorted it out as I am home for Christmas then I am away from home for the next 3 weeks.

I am trying to avoid spending the money to get a different brand, I have been very happy with Wyze, but this has been catistrophic and gutting.

I work 10-16hours a day 6 days a week without internet access. I am home 3 days a month. I say this to explain where my frustration comes from.


App version 2.48.0 has issues

Rolled back to version 2.47.0 and all is working.

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Thanks for the replay. This did not work for me. Went back multiple versions. Thanks for the suggestion.

Are the cameras still recording and notifying?

Can you provide the following:

  • All version
  • firmware of camera you are providing log for
  • Device log. Go to the settings cog go to the bottom select Wyze support and submit a log
  • What error you are getting, if you get one.

Also, can you provide the ticket number from when you called support

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays

Can you please let me know if your cameras are grouped, the one with the issue?

This is all things I have been through with support I am not looking to go through all that again, I do not have time for that. That was the point of the post, Support is too drawn out with my schedule, it is something I needed to deal with a person in real time, not over email. I am leaving in 10hours for 3 weeks. While I was home I was hoping the amazing Wyze community had sorted something out. I am looking for offline options to avoid a update breaking things(i understand the update was a wyze service provider not wyze themselves) Its faster to setup a reverse proxy and offsite backups to back blaze for offline cameras than going through support. I will be trying to see if the RTSP firmware will still work on the cameras to save some money.

I do not mean to sound unreasonable, I just have a very limited time to dedicate to troubleshooting. I always will choose to spend my limited time with family and not tech products. Thank you for responding, I appriciate you trying to be helpful.

I understand the frustration. I was asked by Wyze to find out if the cameras are grouped and if so, how many cameras are in a group.

I am a volunteer in the community and not a Wyze employee, so not much I can do with support. If you have a ticket number, I may b able to get some eyes on this.

I own three v3 cameras. Two of them quit working after the update in mid-October 2023. I have contacted Wyze support a couple of times. They tell me it has been referred to a higher level of support and I will be contacted by them. I am still waiting to be contacted. I am afraid to upgrade any more cameras ( I own eleven total). If Wyze was going to fix this problem, they would have done it already. I believe it will take a class action lawsuit to get them to compensate us. I have been a loyal customer since their beginning. I have now switched to Blink cameras. They do not work as well, but at least I can store my videos for free without a subscription on their sync module. I can also choose to record videos up to one minute long ( instead of 12 seconds). I will no longer purchase anything from Wyze again. They cannot be trusted.