Myriad problems with cams and app, no solutions.. is Wyze dead?

Hey Wyze, I have the latest App and device firmwares, but…

cams don’t work in groups, I can’t turn them on/off from the app at times, 2 of my outdoor cams keep recording events for no reason and so the batteries have died within 1 day, there iOS App is super buggy, etc etc.

Is this ever going to get fixed?

With the security lapses you’ve had, I’ve already decided to bin the indoor cams. Do the outdoor cams and scales have to go too?

You realize you’re just posting to other customers, right?

Nope, I was hoping Wyze would see it, because like most unhappy customers, I wanted to have my say before I give them the boot. It’s also an opportunity for others to speak up, which they have most done in other threads.

Here is everyone’s chance to report and describe in detail, directly to Wyze Staff, those problems and bugs with the current web\app\cam features and capabilities that we would like to have fixed. Feel free to join in and be part of the solution.

OOPS! Edit (forgot the link): Fix-It Friday 4/1/22