CAM PLUS doesnt work

Feeling burned here, had our cameras for years, never an issue.
You guys decide to make it difficult, so i do the right thing and PAY for CAM PLUS on 2 cameras. Now, half the time it says i need ro upgrade to watch back to back, or doesnt record anything, just a thumbnail and video WILL NOT PLAY.



Are you sure you have assigned the CamPlus subscriptions to each of your cameras?

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it happened after the app update yesterday. I have 9 cams with plus and yesterday started advising I need cam plus even though there licenses are all assigned. My ipad did not update the app and it works as it should.

I have 9 total cams, with approx 5 on camplus. For at least 1 month, I have been getting camplus upgrade “notifiers” for the cams with camplus.

I presume that code also has at least 1 bug.

This has been reported in the App Update Release thread and acknowledged by Wyze.

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It’s laughable that now Wyze has a Cam plus Pro that utilizes their AI, camera and home security. The AI is so broken and doesn’t correctly label things, so now we are supposed to trust it to call and get a 24/7 security response? Their will be so many false alarms it won’t be funny! The AI can’t seem to see a person walking a large dog and often doesn’t see a moving vehicle, yet has no problem seeing a parked vehicle. I don’t car about parked vehicles!!!

Wzye really needs to take a step back from releasing new features and products when the current things don’t work as advertised. They are headed down a hole quickly and getting a bad reputation for so many software issues.


All of a sudden my cameras say to click on 12sec to upgrade to cam+ even though I already have it and it used to work! No person detected shows up in events - just motion. I’m paying for cam+ so it needs to work!!!

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Yeah. App update introduced a new glitch. See my post above and follow the link over to the App Update thread. Details and other posts there. Wyze OP has requested logs.