V2 and v3 cam with cam plus no detection

I have a cam v2 in the garage, and a v3 in a window in my front room. Neither will detect anything and they both have cam plus. They used to be just fine until about 4 months ago. They both will record events to sd card but I never get any notifications on cam plus, and the video isn’t uploaded. I restarted them from the app, physically power cycled them, factory defaulted them. Nothing has resolved this issue. My Cam outdoors and doorbell work fine, but not these other two devices. Support has been no help.

What is the point of paying for cam plus for these two cameras if they never work anyways?
Any help is much appreciated.

Have you did a hard re boot of the cameras? Also have you power cycled your router and sign out of app then back into your account on wyze,most people that have done all the items I stated worked for them.

Yeah, I power cycled the cameras and my router. The V3 is working now, the V2 triggers events and shows pictures, but no video on the wyze app. When you click on the event it just shows a picture.

Nope. Now they are both not working again.