V3 black cameras not detecting motion

i purchased 2 v3 black cams last august just got around to installing them. Install and network connection went fine, updated firmware assigned cams to cam plus. Cams wont detect motion or record events. changed sensitivities, toggled detections to no avail. deleted reinstalled same issues. contacted support sent logs etc. They just canceled the ticket today with no solutions. i think there is something wrong with hardware. any suggestions on fixes or how to get a refund for these 2 cams, not having any issues otherwise. thanks very much

Highly unlikely to be hardware on TWO cameras. Can you post screen shots of the settings for recording, detection, alerting, etc.

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Sent screen shots they r the same for both cameras. Thanks fir the assistance

Try selecting all motion events…for recording.

I tried that again but it still doesn’t record events via motion.

May I know what ISP provider are you with? What kind of router do you have?

Do you have any other Wyze cameras setup and working? Or are these your only Wyze cameras?

I have eight other version 2 and 3 cameras all working fine

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Can’t say with any certainty, but problems may be arising from the roll-out of Cam Unlimited (upgrade of CamPlus Unlimited.) There have been many issues with this and it has only been out for a few weeks. If I had to guess, I would say that may be the problem.

As with most things Wyze, you may just need to wait until they fix it.

Great point. Thanks very much.

I have a new Cam V3 that I installed yesterday and have submitted a log with support. My issue is a bit different than yours as my V3 will record Smart Detection Events on Cam Plus, but I cannot view Live stream on the Web View. All my other cameras work. The interesting thing is that I can watch live view on my smart phone… My question to you - Can you see events on the app but not on the Web View or not at all ?

I can’t see events at all on the 2 new recently installed cameras

Update: added another new v3 camera (color white this time) and it added to cam plus and recorded events while these 2 black cameras still do not

How about the live view on the web ??? I do get events (actually too many) as the events are not limited to smart detection. The main issue I have with my new cameras is that I cannot do live view on the web.

No, I don’t see any event anywhere with these two cameras. While the one I added this past weekend records events just fine. I think the two black cameras have hardware issues.

I feel you pain - Question for you… I was looking at your screen shots and noticed you did not have an SD card activated in the camera. Out of curiosity - have you tried installing one just to see if the camera will record events to the SD card ? At leas that would let you know if the camera has the ability to discern the fact that there is a motion that requires recording. If the camera does record an event to the SD card, then it would be easier to make the assumption that the main problme is with the camera failing to communicate with Cam Plus rather than it’s ability to notice motions that need to be recorded… Perhaps you have already tried that ???

Good thought I will try that. Thanks for letting me know.

I will be interested to hear the results… Note: I am merely a customer like you and most others on this forum. I find it nice that everyone tries to help each other out :slight_smile:

Adding an SD card made no difference but it sure was a good thought. Sorry it took so long to get back to everyone I had back surgery and am slowly recuperating. But the craziest thing I have found out is that my wife whom I share cameras with can see motion events on these cameras while I still can’t.