CAM Plus Failing to detect Motion/Events

Very unhappy with the ‘upgraded’ CAMPlus service, and not just because of the higher price or it being done without approval or even warning, but it also just plain fails to detect motion.
Have two V2 cameras with the latest firmware that both have failed to detect and report person or motion events. I have microSD cards in each camera so i am able to see the activity if i playback the recording in the camera, but why no alert? if it was just one of my cams I might think the camera was defective, but it is both so i am thinking the software is defective. Who else has this problem and were you able to fix it? Or is this just all one can expect from a Wyze product?
ps. please don’t reply unless you have something helpful to contribute. i really don’t want to hear from those few regulars that feel the need to reply to every post despite having anything meaningful to add to the discussion. you know who you are and i appreciate you not replying. thank you.

I’m a camplus member too and after the last update I stopped seeing events recorded as well. I have 3 cam pans and none of them would pick up any motion. Before the update I had the sensitivity at 50 and it had no problem detecting motion but now I have to have the sensitivity set at 90 for it to recognize motion. I’m hoping the next firmware update fixes the issue. I haven’t contacted support about it yet.

You asked: "since plus was added to my Cam Pan it has been recording motion almost constantly. 63 times in one hour is not uncommon. It shows motion but there is none. I’ve set the motion detection to 10. I’ve turned off my second CamPan thinking it was sensing it as it scanned the living room. No change. It detects people (person) where there is none. These are few but they happen.
Any ideas what I might check next?