Motion Detection Quit working after Cam v2 reset

I have 3 Wyze Cam v2. All were working fine until today when I moved one of the cameras and had to reset it. Now that one camera won’t detect motion and only views live. I do have an sd card in it. All the cameras are just under 1 yr old and all have new firmware loaded. Both person and motion are turned on. I have turned off and on. Any ideas how to get it detecting again? Is there a warranty for this issue for replacement? Thank you

I’ve had similar issues for the past 5 hours. Looks like live view has returned but there are no events for the past 5 hours. One event recently appeared but it was showing as live (despite being half hour old) and now doesn’t show as live but will not play (Failed to upload event, please check your WiFi connection).

I think there are issues with the camera’s uploading events and the bridge that connects your app to live view the camera (the later appears to have been restored).

Wyze has had similar issues on a couple of occasions over the past month and really need to get their stuff sorted if they expect to continue to sell product.

Thanks, I will try restarting my router later, but streaming tv, laptop and my other 2 Wyze cams are working fine. Hope it fixes itself. Thanks

When I woke up this morning there were several motion/people alerts on this camera that was malfunctioning. Hadn’t even got to trying to restart router. Poop and it was fixed.

Well that was short lived. It actually only worked for a couple of hours. Now it’s not working again. Hmmm… Will restart router in a bit but in middle of a tv show.

Me too. My motion sensor works for a few days, then quits for a week, then works for two weeks, then quits for two weeks, etc., etc. Tried every permutation of resetting, reinstalling, rebooting things, etc. Just plain unreliable.

I’m really disappointed, as there seems to be no way to make it work.

These problems all began when the end of trial was announced. Many would have upgraded to CAM plus. Wyze didn’t have sufficient capacity for all these new sign ups and hence motion detection recordings are not uploading to their service at certain peak periods. I had some success last week when we had this issue. Disabling cam plus seemed to help a bit.

I didn’t upgrade to Cam Plus. I got name your price Person Detection. But 2 of my cam v2 are working well and always have. It is just the one cam v2. BUT it didn’t happen until I had to reset my camera. Afraid to ever have to reset the other 2 ever.

2 of my cam v2’s still work perfect with no problems. It’s just the one camera after I reset it. Hope I don’t have to reset the 2 good ones.

Update: Something I discovered today. Strange none the less. This particular camera seems to only detect motion/person now for a couple hours a day in the morning only. Sunday from 6:26am -10:20am had 10 detections then stopped. Monday from 2:40am-10:08am had 14 detections. Today, Tuesday from 12:48am-10:26am had 19 detections. There are no events set for this camera. But the sporadic times are strange. Again, this is 1 partially working cam v2 (after reset was getting no detection). My other 2 cam v2’s work with no issue. Hopefully it will just work it’s way to working again. Makes me leary of resetting.