Wyze Cam v2 not notifying

My V2 will not notify. All my other cameras do.

It does not have cam plus.
It DOES record the event. I can play the event back either via EVENTS or via SD card playback.

It is just the notification for this ONE camera of mine that is not notifying.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

Do you have cam plus lite? Just not cam plus?

Try clearing app cache in account > app settings, then force close the app and check if all the settings are still correct. Also, try power cycling the cam.

Thank you for the reply.

I DO have cam plus lite or otherwise, I wouldn’t get even the 12 second video events from the camera. I know for sure that this camera does not have cam plus.

I cleared the cache, and power cycled. No change in symptoms.

My settings are attached to the original post. What other settings should I be looking at/for?

Thanks for the info. Try deleting the cam from the app and setting it back up from scratch, that should wipe everything and allow you to reset all the settings.

Well. That did it. But it seems I’ve had to do this several times with this camera. I wonder why it just stops notifying.