Cam plus v2 features disappeared, unable to activate Notifications features 😩

My cam plus features disappeared and I’m no longer able to activate the Notification features (motion, sound, etc.) as the buttons keep switching back to the off position. All 12-second + video events have disappeared from the event log screen as none of my cameras are listed under the menu that lists the cameras to be selected for displaying event recordings. I just paid $169 for this service about a month ago and I’m already dissatisfied with this service. Can someone please help me figure this out? The live camera feeds are working fine.

I may not have been clear enough in describing the issue, so please feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks.

Are the cameras listed as having cam plus? On the app go to account>services and look.


Sorry, are you saying the devices aren’t in the Wyze app Home Screen? But your still able to live stream them?

Did your cam plus expire? Check account > services.

Try clearing your app cache account > app settings.

Check if the settings are correct.

In events tab, make sure you don’t have any filters enabled.

Did you recently do a software update?

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On the events page tap the funnel and then clear all or show results.


@Wayjay13 - could you please send a snapshot of how the Notification screen looks for you?
Also which device model do you have?


I just discovered from my confirmation email that was sent to me after purchasing this new service, that I have Cam Plus Pro, not Cam Plus. I checked the menu and the tab for Cam Plus Pro was not listed anymore. After about an hour of updating and troubleshooting the app, I discovered that somehow the app no longer operates under my VPN service. It now only functions correctly when I turn off VPN, which is very strange as it’s never done that before. Thank you for your help.

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I discovered it was my VPN. The Wyze app no longer operates when it is used via the VPN. It now only works correctly when I turn off the VPN, which is very strange as it’s never done that before. Thanks for your help.

Yes, I checked off all the boxes you have listed and realized, after updating the app. and much troubleshooting, that it all stemmed from the VPN service I have on my phone. Somehow, the Wyze app no longer works when it is used via the VPN, at least on my phone. It now only operates correctly when it is not routed thru the VPN, which is very strange as it’s never done that before. Thanks for your help.

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