Cam Plus Activate

I just bought Cam Plus for my 3 cameras. Never had the previous update. When I go to update firmware, it says “up to date” for all 3. How do I activate Cam plus?

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account, services, cam plus…that’s where u assign the cams

Activated. Thanks.

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Hi Team,

I bought Cam Plus yesterday but it isn’t showing in the app. I checked the email address and it’s correct. I’ve been under services and only see emergency button. Under settings I see a activate cam plus banner but when I click it, it asks to send me a reminder. Any advice?

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@Ken.S Any advice?

make sure your app is updated to the latest. Check Wyze Home Monitoring Service and make sure it shows the cam+ service in your account

Hi Ken, I have checked my app and it is updated to the latest, I also uninstalled it to see if that makes a difference. I can see the CAM plus service when I sign into the desktop website but cannot for the life of me figure out how to activate it in the app. All I see in the services tab is the emergency button and for in the main account section a thing right at the top that says activate your service. When I click on it, it just says remind me later…

that’s odd, sounds like it might be a issue w/ the app. which version are u using? ios or android?

Hi Ken,

I am on iOS using Wyze Wyze app version 2.15.51.

Does your desktop login email match the email you use to login to the app?

Hi Kjay,

It sure does! I thought I entered it wrong but received the receipts etc. I also signed into both with the same email and password.

I’m out of ideas then :thinking:.

:frowning: weird. Not sure what to do!

I would contact wyze support. I would have suggested to sign out then back in but you already uninstalled & reinstalled.

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I’ve got the same issue as I bought 2 plans, I have 2 of the V3s trial on one ends in a couple of days, other one s few days longer. Go to activate in the app and it says I have no cameras. Received the confirmation of payment email for 2 plans.

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I’m having the same problem. I purchased one license on Christmas day and it isn’t in my account on my phone under services, It is listed on my account on They have my money but I don’t have the service I paid for. So my subscription won’t be for a full year apparently. Disappointing.

When my free trial was up on the first camera I was able to activate it. Waiting until it’s up on my other one to see if I can activate it as well.

I am having the same issue. Have you solved it yet?