Cam V2 and V3, detection issues, asked for help here, email, chat, cannot get any support

I started with V2, added a v3. Cannot get detection to work. I asked a question here, no replies: Unable to get detection working at night . I tried the chat for the V2, he was nice but unable to help. I tried email primarily on the V3, 1/6/2021, still no reply. Tried chat again. They don’t answer (2PM EST).

Also, I bought a year account, but it says my 14 days expired. I can’t get the camera attached to the account.

Any suggestions?

Were you able to get any assistance?? I have been emailing Support since 1/8 and have still not recieved a reply. When my V3’s arrived one of them does not have any picture. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting I know to try but cannot get anything other than a solid gray screen with it - though sound is working so I know it is connected…

I’ve never had such issues with Wyze tech support, but I cannot seem to get a reply!

No, their support is almost nonexistent.

The V3 uses changes in picture to detect motion so that at night, the lights from passing cars (out of my zone or even out of site) reflect of my cars parked in the drive and it cannot tell the difference between someone walking by and the reflections when there is no motion. So my phone beeps every few minutes. Their person detector only works about half of the time and fails especially at night. I installed flood lights with motion detection that works. These lights come on and trip the camera, but it doesn’t stop the constant false alarms.

I finally found a phone no and called, then followed up with a emails directly to support and they either go unanswered or maybe a reply a week later, usually to reset it or something like that.

So good luck.



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