3 different support tickets over 10days with no reply at all

I’ve submitted several requests to warranty a new Cam V3 that appears to have a disconnected wifi attenna or some other hardware issue and have not been answered for over 10 days! Has anyone else had a terrible support experience? Are they just this far behind?

That’s not normal, but I suspect all of the new product launches and support requests from gifts during the holidays have them running seriously behind.

Welcome to the forums! Can you post your ticket numbers here and I can send a note up the ladder and see whatwe can find out for ya. I am sure a QA issue such as this is wanted to be checked out. Thanks for the post!


If we just get this one resolved we can dis regard the others - Wyze Ticket 984217 generated 08 January.

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Thanks! I’ll update my note.

Curious, how do you know it’s a disconnected antenna?

It’s a hunch;

This is from the support ticket as added info to the automated response:

"Updated firmware, firmware roll back,  factory reset, hard restart, re setup (with and without camera name changed) , all with or without SD card and on 2 different wifi networks, made no change to connection issues. 
 Tried different video resolutions, no change. 
 Changes like IR illumination or siren can take minutes to take affect or don't work at all.
After setup procedure finally completes, the status light will be blue until you attempt to manipulate the camera via the app and then it changes to solid red.  Also the app will say the camera is offline but the status light will be solid blue.

There are 4 other v3s in use. One shares the same access point (and it is further away on a lower floor) that have no issues. I have attempted setup in the same room as the access point, no change.

This camera takes a very long time to go through setup and will say “local network not found” or “unable to connect” then later say setup completed."

The only time the camera works like the rest of them (which are awesome!) is when it’s within a foot of the router.

That cut and pasted weird. Let me know if I need to re forward it.

Thank you for the help getting some attention. So far I love all the products I have from wyze and they have been very transparent with know issues. It was bumming me out not getting support.

Thanks for posting the ticket number! I’ll poke the team for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you want good support from WYZE, give them a call. I always call and always get great support. Granted, not all of my issues are resolved yet, but at least I know they are working on it.

Know1, I didn’t think anyone actually handled customer care on the phone anymore! I whole heartedly appreciate that and will use it in the future. Where di you find a phone number?

Wyze Gwendolyn thank you! They have reached out via the original ticket.

Omgitstony, thank you for getting this into the right line of site! This is already more than I expected for customer care and I’m sooooo happy this was a fluke and not the standard. Truly appreciate your time!

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Most companies still offer phone support, but you usually have to dig for the phone number. To save you some digging…
WYZE Support:
(206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


Hello WyzeGwendolyn - I submitted Ticket 997955 7 days ago with no response (one of my three V3 cameras has very short WiFi range). Any chance you can poke the support team for me as well?


Chuck4084, give the phone number a call. Took a few hold cycles but they gathered the missing info and I got forward movement. Seems like the email system is still really bogged down.

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To close this out, I did end up receiving a warranty replacement that works beautifully! I did find using the phone number rather than the automated/email system much faster at reaching a person and once I was able to actually connect to a person this was handled very quickly and efficiently.

Thank you to everyone here that was able to move this forward for me!