Nothing from Support!

Recently (3 weeks ago) purchased 4 of the new Pan Cam units. After one week one failed completely (other 3 are working fine so far). I immediately tried the 1-800 support number only to find out that the company is not taking calls. So I then submitted support ticket and received back an automated reply that a member of their team would get back to me. Well it has been two weeks and zero support still. I have even, as per instructions of automated email, replied back twice asking when am I getting help, but again both times to no avail. Has anyone else had any luck getting support? Or is this just a fancy marketing vendor of a throw-away camera if it fails you (and your out of your money)?

WyzeCam please rectify my matter as per your promise (Ticket #57816). Thank you.

Probably they are overwhelmed especially after selling Cam Pan @ amazon. Support few months ago was pretty good and got few problems with V2 resolved quickly. I opened 1 Cam Pan ticket for a week and also got no response from support. In the end I figured out resolving the issue myself.

Wyze people even don’t show up in the forum.

I hope the company do well since all cameras depend on their servers to function. And I have 15+ V2/V1 and 2 Cam Pan!

Yes, they are swamped from what I hear.

Actually Wyze people do show up on the forum, but it’s not generally obvious from descriptions who they are.


We’ve picked up the ticket now, thanks for letting us know!

Update - the posts here did go noticed. I was notified within hours of the posts that they would elevate my delayed ticket and get the defective cam situation handled. The following day I received FedEx label for shipment back, and cam will be headed back to them for refund today. I appreciate the final actions on this matter, but it should not have taken me multiple no response emails and having to put negative posts up on forum to get the matter handled two weeks after the support ticket was started. I hope that their support becomes more expedient when needed. Other 3 Pan Cams continue to work. I plan to get 2 additional V2 fixed Cams.