Completely disappointed in Wyze and their product support

I recently started having issues with my Wyze Cam Pan V1 about 2 weeks ago. I went through all the proper diagnostic steps that I could find and I was capable of to no avail. Essentially the camera would start up once unplugged and plugged back in, go through its cycle and would be accessible for a brief period. Sometimes it would last a day sometimes only a few minutes. I purchased a new power supply and cable thinking that was part of my issue, reset the camera from scratch, reloaded the firmware from a properly formatted micro SD card, It worked for about another 2 days and then the same issue again. I just reached out to support this morning and they are not willing to do anything because I purchased the camera on October 28, 2018. Yes, Wyze cameras are affordable and have a good amount of features but the support is lacking and if the camera is only technically good for 1-year what’s the use? The fact that support would not even try to help me at all shows me exactly why I will never be purchasing another Wyze product.

Do you mean that they declined to replace it, or that they literally refused to help you at all? I’ve never heard of them refusing to help someone. I’d think they’d at least try to help you diagnose the problem.

Either that is an exceptional camera, starting up after being unplugged, or you meant to write something else about your 1 year old $25 camera.

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They mentioned the firmware flash and that was it. I asked them if there was anything else diagnostic wise I could do and I received no response.

You said you reached out this morning, right? It’s still morning, for me, at least. Did you give up on a response already?

I know you’re frustrated but did Wyze refuse to help or just not respond as fast as you’d like?
I find they do try to help.