Wyze Cam PAN and Wyze Cam V2 went dead in one week


My Wyze Cam PAN and Wyze Cam V2 just went dead (bricked) last week. All of my other devices seems ok except for another PAN cam just keeps re-booting randomly many times a day.

Does anyone else have similar experience? What did you do? How did you contact support?
There used to be a chat feature on the APP or website to get support. Not anymore. I tried to use the CHAT help feature to get support and it wouldn’t pick my products, it is really weird.

Wyze Support, please help. Thank you

The best way to contact Wyze Support is by phone at (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT.

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Seems to be plenty of failed camera lately. Just asking. Did you check the power adapter too? or just the camera? I encourage you to find/try a different adapter too.

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Yes, I tried different cable and adapter combinations and all of the other trouble shooting steps, like installing firmware using memory card. But they got bricked, most likely after the last firmware update. I would love for people to chime in, how many cameras went dead recently. I hate to say but since I started using Wyze CAMS, this is the 3rd one that went dead out of my almost dozen cameras in just couple of years.

It has been over a month and no resolution on this yet. I get email from support and was very disappointing because in my email request I mentioned how I had already performed all the trouble shooting necessary steps and didn’t get anywhere and I got the same standard email and then nothing.

So my question is, would WYZE take responsibility and do the right thing here by replacing the cameras because they got bricked after the Firmware updates or should someone like me who is one of the oldest supporter of WYZE and someone who has bought so many products, just DUMP ALL THE PRODUCTS?

I know these products are cheap and I don’t expect them to last life time but if it breaks because of their firmware update, then they have to fix it.

I bought the Home Security System but haven’t connected it yet, wondering if I should or just get rid of everything. I am paying for CAMPlus but it hardly works accurately. I have missed so many “person” and “animal” movements that were very important to catch, and it has never recorded a full length (5min) motion video as they advertise in CAMPlus, WyzeLock automatically unlocking in the middle of the night etc, there is so much more but didn’t want to make this into complaining thread.

Can anyone help?

I wish I could. Similar experience with my WyzeCam v2’s. I have 7 of them in my house, only 1 working since the latest firmware upgrade. I tried reverting back 2 drivers ago per their instructions, but still no luck. Mine are not totally bricked, but they cannot find my network. I have not tried contacting customer support.
I’m going to look around for some more solutions tonight, then start shopping for a different brand.