Cam is a brick after update fails

I was super excited to get my cams. I first purchased two of them and liked them, so I ordered two more. I received the two extra cams and hooked them up. When prompted to install the latest firmware I did so. Here’s where the problems started. The updates failed and the cams wouldn’t connect. The pairing button didn’t work any longer. I read and read online and tried everything, however nothing worked. As a last resort I downloaded the firmware from Wyze onto the SD card and followed instructions to load onto cam. One cam started working again, however the other is non operational.

I’d like to know what wyze is going to do about this? I buy their cam and it’s useless now. These cams are way to glitchy and have a lot of bugs that need to be resolved. Should have been resolved before selling to the public.

The latest V2 update is taking longer to load than most for some cameras. Please see the announcement on the support page.

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This doesn’t solve the issue. Cams just become nonresponsive and can’t be used unless an older version of firmware is downloaded to SD card and manually put into cam. These cams could be great if the bugs were fixed. So many issues with the app.

How long are you waiting for the firmware to finish updating? Just curious.

I wait until the app shows that it’s finished and has been successfully updated.

This also happens when no update is being installed. Just simply unplugging and plugging cam back in doesn’t allow it to connect to app. I’ve waited 10 min after power cycling and still nothing.

I have the same problem with my Cam Pan. My two Cam V2’s updated fine and are working fine. However my Cam Pan appeared to update but then the connection never returned and according to the app never updated. Now the Cam Pan doesn’t do anything!!! No lights no connection at the app, NOTHING! I’ve also tried all the troubleshooting and other suggestions but it looks like I have just a brick now!! I’ve only had it since December and this definitely shouldn’t have done this already. May be time to look at some competitors cams.

MJC, sounds like yours is where mine was. Try downloading an older version of firmware onto the SD card. You can Google it, but I believe after you install the SD card with older firmware you’ll hold the pairing button, plug in power and release after a few seconds. This will get the cam to load the firmware and reboot. That’s what I had to do. Good luck.