Wyze awful service

Never contacted me back . Sent multiple emails, no reply. Bought over ten cameras in last 2 years. Down to 3 now. There junk, break for no reason. 3 items never worked out of the box. No response from this awful company

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This is a user to user forum, and isn’t actively monitored by Wyze.

Also, if you send an email, and then send another email, you go to the back of the queue as it’s based on the most recent inquiry. Email support does take a long time compared to phone or chat support.

Another thing to note, if you just send a log, they don’t respond to those unless you include your log info with an email support request separately.

What types of issues are you having? If you can give a bit more detail maybe some of us can help?

I have several products of Wyze and all of them work without issue, aside from one pan cam that I had replaced under warranty due to a motor issue (the other pan cam I had worked great), and the version one sensors which were a pain and mostly junk. I finally got a working set, but it took a lot of emails back and forth.


(WYZE) has a telephone. 206-339-9646. Call them.


What a pain! I’d love to know what stopped working on your cams! Of my 8 cams going back to V1, I’ve never had one break, stop working (beyond needing a restart), or get bricked by an update. Did you get all the duds?!

(Oh wait, I did have a V2 black that fizzled out almost immediately with a very slight electric death smell noticeable. Wyze replaced it and it’s been going for a few years now. )

@joshsines9 How did 7 of yours die?

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