Has Wyze given up on customer support?

My last three calls in have yielded absolutely no results and the follow up is non-existent. I have had promises of replacement products that never ship and follow up calls that never happen. I wanted to like this product and i clearly invested too much, but now i have a bunch of unreliable electronics with no help. The drop off in customer support recently has been dramatic, have they outsourced?

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I opened 2 service tickets with no response. As another user recently said, this forum is probably the best support you will get.


I feel you, I have 4 unanswered requests/calls etc. You may get some help here,

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it is sad really, they seem to have given up.
i am still experiencing so many connectivity issues the product is barely useable anymore. i feel like i have been ripped off; when these worked i bought a bunch more, now there is nothing i can do.

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I used the chat online this morning, Got through after a minute.
I had a contact sensor that wasn’t working. I pointed out in the forum the steps I went through to troubleshoot. They have sent me another replacement sensor.

correct me if i am wrong but i believe that you mean they said they are sending you another sensor.
i would not believe it until you see it in your hand!

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I believe you, when they do respond the experience is usually positive. I think they have been slammed and that caused a failure.

For what it’s worth my 4 calls were all over two months ago. That’s when I just quit trying and put the cameras in a drawer.

I honestly don’t dislike Wyze I think they mean well. But it’s pretty obvious they have a lot of growing to do.

I think the V93 ought to be pretty well perfect!


I’ve been told twice I’d get a replacement motion sensor for one that didn’t work out of the box. They are very kind people on the phone but they never sent that sensor. I asked about it today, twice to the same agent, she wouldn’t even address it.

I feel the same way, I like Wyze and I want to love the products again. When they work, man, they are great. I have a drawer full of contact sensors and bulbs that I can’t use and now the cameras are falling like dominos

Ok, still to be seen if I get a replacement.
But when I first bought the sense starter kit and 4 extra contact sensors 2 months ago the bridge didn’t work. They sent a replacement for the bridge within a week.

Sorry to hear about the trouble! I know that we’re still working on tickets and haven’t given up. For folks waiting to hear back, may I please have your support ticket number so I can check on this?

@rbruceporter, 2 months ago we were super slammed but we were still generally answering phones. Could you please confirm the phone number you were using?

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