Over Wyze

Count me in as one of the many early supporters of Wyze that have become so fed up with the constant issues plaguing devices and the app that I will never purchase another Wyze product again.

I truly wanted this company to succeed. However, their insistence on developing new products, instead of fixing the ones they’ve already developed is upsetting, to say the least.

My Wyze Contact Sensors are constantly going offline, even after investing in brand new batteries. My cameras need to be constantly restarted in order for events to be recorded. I’ve also subscribed to Cam Plus, which is useless and a waste of money (and I’d like a refund, quite frankly).

The time it takes to constantly troubleshoot would be much better spent searching for a more reliable company with more reliable products.


Amen. I have one camera that works perfect (v2) every time I load the app, I have four other cameras that I’m lucky if they load 25% of the time, maybe less. I had no issues for over a year until recently and now it’s all gone downhill, fast. I guess it was too good to be true, time to throw these hunks in the bin :frowning:

As of the time of this posting

Cam 1 ; Stable
Cam 2: Error 20
Cam 3: Error 90
Cam 4: Error 27
Cam 5: Working, but barely.


Fortunately I’ve had pretty good luck with the V2 cameras. Well actually there’s the issue of the foggy camera sensor lens that requires disassembly to correct and Wyze has yet to acknowledge. But I agree the new products have been a disappointment and the company has gone downhill and is nowhere near the company they used to be when all they sold was two cameras and maybe some sensors.

I got the email today about the doorbell, headphones, etc., and there’s not a chance I would preorder a doorbell in September that doesn’t ship until January. Especially with the current Wyze track record. January is far off and looks a lot like a company in need of cash.


Contact sensor success is dependent on distance to the bridge. So make as short as possible. Do you have another camera to sponsor the bridge that is closer?

Same for cameras, but distance to the router instead.

Issues otherwise should be directed to support, they may be able to replace anything necessary. Post your ticket number, and you may get special attention!


So last night I did some in depth troubleshooting on all my Wyze issues. What I found was that the Cameras had “roamed” to Mesh APs that were most definitely not “close” to them, and they certainly shouldn’t be getting a stronger signal from the APs they had connected to. I then forced each v2 onto it’s closest AP and disabled their roaming capability, connectivity issues solved, except for one unit (the Pan). The pan appears to be toast, will connect to wifi briefly but as soon as I start controlling it through the app it loses connectivity, I attempted a firmware downgrade and it didn’t help so it looks like a dead unit, may contact support on that one.

In short, the wifi range of the cameras is quite small and very finicky. If you are running a mesh system or have cameras far away from your router and you are experiencing these errors they are almost certainly due to poor connectivity (even if the camera shows full bars). I never had this issue in the past so I can’t say if I was just lucky or if something has changed in the software, but forcing them to their closest mesh AP certainly solved all the connectivity issues. Hope this helps someone out there.


Same with my Wyze sense they go offline every day I’m so sick of it.


I have tried EVERY Wyze troubleshooting guide available. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Point is, that I’m constantly troubleshooting things that once worked flawlessly (same network configuration and equipment with a perfect WiFi signal).

Once problem now is I get notifications that I a clip is saved via Cam Plus sub, but when I go to the app, there are no clips at all. “Nothing to see here” the app states, which is incorrect.


It should be noted that my issues have returned. I now have two cameras that load instantly and 2 that just sit on “getting video data 3/3” until they time out. They are recording events and uploading them without issue, but livestreaming is completely busted. Eufy cameras looking pretty good right about now :frowning:


I am about to bail as well. Support is non-existant. I opened a ticket Tuesday for my Outdoor cams, nothing from Wyze in response.

I have been there since the V2, and own everything they make. The cams have never given me a problem, but the Lock is a piece of crap.
The Outdoor cams have taken this low opinion to a new level. They constantly go offline, especially when charging. Won’t come back after charging, then randomly go missing. One cam shows offline, but when you look at it thru the app, it shows the feed.

But the lack of support, no phone number to call them, even if I wanted to…well I am out. No way I am buying any of the new stuff announced.

The lack of any support has this long time supporter hitting the highway.
Oh, and the mounts for the Outdoor cam are a joke.


Wanted to let you know there is still a contact number, but they don’t promote it on the site any more :upside_down_face:


Hopefully you can get through when they’re open, if it’s even worth it. I feel your frustration.

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I have 4 Cams, 1 sensor kit + additional motion sensor, and one scale. The only issue I have, which is caused by me using the RTSP firmware on the camera that hosts the sensor base, is that I can’t update the sensor base. But there only one firmware to move it to, and it disables the reset button (which I’ve never used).

I too am an early adopter if WyzeCams, getting two V2s on the first day, and being one of the first to get the Black Edition camera ordered and delivered. I got the sense kit early release as well. None of these things have given me an issue that wasn’t my own doing, poor placement, the result of a crappy WiFi environment, or similar non-Wyze caused issue.

I’m not saying it’s definitely the issue, but placement and your WiFi environment are a huge factor. In the middle of my block first-floor, I have 15-20 detectable SSIDs from other homes, if you consider each neighbor is pumping out at least 2 SSIDs. This also includes their printers that are not setup right, one neighbors chromecasts show up all the time, and then people’s phones.

I had to take my laptop and run an analyzer to see which channels are the least congested and force my WiFi router to use those. This made a world of a difference for my devices. I also spend a little bit of money for a mesh setup that has a dedicated back haul (1Gbit powerline) and things go even better.

My mom’s setup on the other hand was way worse to fix, because her ISP provided modem did not allow the WiFi to be disabled and only provided 1 SSID for Burge 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz signals, which many IoT devices do not like. Add to that she has a metal framed house and you get a bad environment to setup anything WiFi in. I tried extenders and repeaters, none of it worked well, and her cameras would drop signal all day long. We finally got them to switch out the all-in-one modem/router, and being able to actually get into the settings to change things made a difference.

Not saying your issues aren’t device based, but a lot of people in a lot of homes just don’t know how bad their wireless environment is, and blame the devices when in fact it’s not those at all.

Look for a WiFi analyzer for your phone or PC/Mac and see what’s really going on. You might be surprised to know that the channels you’re WiFi is using are the most congested ones, which can cause nothing but connection issues even with a strong signal. You can be the loudest in a hallway, but if everyone else is talking in the same hawllway at even half your volume, it’s still going to be hard for you to hear everything you need to hear.

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Ronin. You are correct in my opinion. I got error 90 and failed download on firmware upgrade on a V2 distant from the router. I took the V2 into the router room and upgrade worked. So WiFi clarity is implicated!

I am with you there. I have NOTHING good to say about Wyze anymore. I used to be a real fanboy but after buying and installing 12 sensors and wasting hours and hours of my time following possible troubleshooting issues suggested by tech support I am totally finished with Wyze. I still have some V2 cams that are working ok but have one that will no longer switch to night mode after less than a year. The contacts are installed all over my buildings and they are just ornaments now. I think they were mass produced with no quality control. I just with someone at tech support had admitted that and offered replacements. As for the cameras and loosing the person detection - well I am finished with the cams as soon as I find a suitable alternative. You would have to be a fool to buy any new products from Wyze or subscribe to their person detection at 2 bucks a month PER camera!. As for the new doorbell… BUYER BEWARE it is likely to be plagued with issues and empty promises too.


I’m in agreement. The Wyze products I have (camera V2s, contact sensors, bulbs, IR sensors, bridges) are toys. Unreliable toys. For example, a contact sensor near its bridge will work fine for six or seven weeks, then fail. There’s no push notification that the sensor is offline. I had to notice in the app. Nothing would make it work again. I spent hours of troubleshooting and it implicated the camera or bridge, not the sensor. Wyze went through extra troubleshooting with me. It seems that they’ve figured out that it’s cost-effective just to send a replacement unit when something fails and there is a complaint (instead of building better products). I can’t imagine relying on the upcoming Wyze security product/service when every single gadget I’ve purchase from them has worked fine, then failed partially or completely. I used to recommend the Wyze products. Now I recommend that they should be purchased as toys and that one should never rely on them to work.

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Now they are announcing a complete security system to provide “peace of mind”. This company is not close to being ready for this major step. I put in SimpliSafe at my elderly mom’s house and it has been rock solid. I could not afford anything that had false alarms or was not dependable at her house. I would not have dared put Wyze products in there.


This is strange I hear everybody the strange part is I was having connectivity issues with my cameras in blue Iris for literally months now without any input from me they have been up and running for a couple months now not sure what corrected the issue or even what the issue was but all good for some time now

This is so true. I have 3 cameras. A pan cam and and 2 outdoor cams. The pan cam was cheaper and I never have any issues with viewing it’s live feed. One of the outdoor cams is on a different network at a different house and it will video motion events and alert me. I can view the video but unless it is the middle of the night it is impossible to view a live feed. Every time I reply to my support request answers I get another responder. Why is the older and cheaper pan cams connectivity flawless and the newer outdoor cams so bad. Also the detection options are 10 times better than the elementary ones on the outdoor cam.

I also agree, even though I did purchase the doorbell. I have 5 pan-cams and they have stopped giving me people notifications even though my settings have not changed AND I pay for Cam Plus service. One camera’s picture quality has turned purple, and I kept having to change out the SD cards in all of them because they would just stop recording on it. I now pay for Cam Plus hoping that’s enough. I’m pretty tech savvy, and yes it could all be user error, but I’ve been with customer support before and I don’t feel like they’re a huge help either.

Wow, and I thought I was the only one out here in the Wyze community with the same concerns. If we all are having pretty much the same concerns you would think that Wyze would invest in getting back in the good grace of its customers. Guess not. I too have and, still having problems with my cameras, Like the “nothing to see here”, “error code no fragment”, “failed to obtain service”, switching to 360 unstable". What is the cameras trying to tell us? My playback is so finicky it is getting pretty scary, because I need this for information what is happening when I am not home. I also got the watch, the new outdoor camera, and scale when they came out. I really don’t get the new promotion of a doorbell. I would never get the lock in fear of never getting in or it letting someone in. I will have to pack up and leave this company for serious security of my home. I will only use the other cameras I have for basic for outdoor use , like watching birds or other animals and watching the dog when I am gone, if I could only get that one to come on. The button will say on, but it will cycle and say, your camera is not on. Guess it needs to go also! I have paid for person detect but it does and it doesn’t work. For some reason it seems like we all have to put so much energy into something that should be giving us that piece of mind energy right back to us. I really am embarrassed that I was a salesman for my friends and family to buy this. Yikes!!

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Getting close to this point also. My issue is with the Sense Kit and the failure at connecting to the contact sensors. It has happened to a multiple kits, in the past couple weeks. I am guessing there is a firmware issue that they are not telling us about.

Customer service is definitely lacking, but somewhat expected given the prices. This is extra concerning, though, with the launches of new products. It means CS reps need to be experts on a variety of products, which is not scalable or sustainable for the small margins Wyze is operating under.

We’ll see where this all lands. I am still hoping they can figure this out because the low margin, high volume business can work, but you can’t forget about customer satisfaction and support, as that is what drives loyalty and advocacy, which in turn reduces your need for costly marketing. You can’t skip steps in that cycle.