I’m done with Wyze doorbell

I’m done. I have a ticket open for the last few weeks. Tonight someone came to my door just after 10pm and nothing. No event, No video, no notification. Nothing. But I get notifications during the day if a squirrel walks on my driveway, but a person who comes to my door at night? Nothing. I’m done. Doorbell is garbage and is going out.

Sounds like you have defective cam,we currently have 4 doorbell pro at 2 houses and its worked flawless since November, 2021…if it is less than 1 year old do a warranty replacement,i had a neighbor that had a V3 cam and it died so she was u n happy with wize piss poor customer service and she ordered a new 1 on Amazon from the wyze store,and sent the dead 1 back,problem fixed,and then she received full credit and she said it was fast,easy only about 4 days

The VDBv1 has had some serious issues for quite some time since a Firmware update earlier this year. There are a significant number of topics and posts discussing the issues.

Wyze is still working on isolating the issue and correcting the firmware. There have been several releases since then attempting to do this with limited success.

One of the most prevalent issues deals with stalled loading of the live view at 3 of 3 and seems to be related to Night Vision settings conflicts. Not everyone has experienced this. I have not.

The second issue is less prevalent, but is affects Detection Zones. I was affected by this. It seems that the image rotation settings to rotate the live stream to the correct orientation does not rotate the DZ. I have remedied this by manually rotating my DZ.

If you are on one of the newer Firmware versions, it is likely the cam has been affected. There are many reports of users getting replacements shipped with older firmware (and NOT updating it), even outside of warranty, because of the firmware problem. The version of firmware you have in your cam will be the key.


Thank you for this explanation. I have been very frustrated with my open ticket. I have a second doorbell still in the box that I am hesitant to install. Sadly I’m on the current firmware version…