Wyze Video Doorbell Firmware Beta Test 10/20/2022



  • Improved live stream connectivity

  • Optimized CPU usage

  • Bug fixes

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Updated to this version 3 days ago.

Install went ok with no issues.

My video load is MUCH faster. I tried to catch a screenshot of it but couldn’t it was so fast. It now loads the live stream before it loads the event history at the bottom which always loaded before the live stream in the past.

The load is a bit different as well. Previously it was a black screen with the Step 1\2\3. Now it is a greyed snapshot image from what I assume is the last thumbnail behind the load dialog.

Also, the portrait, landscape, portrait flippety flop is gone. It doesn’t try to rotate and then rotate back now.

I had to reset my DZ since I was previously correcting on the old FW for the rotation problem. Will test to see if it is accurate. I did have one instance when entering the DZ where the image was rotated, but haven’t been able to reproduce that (log 757640 fwiw).

Doesn’t have the new Smart AI only recording or AI specific notification toggles yet.

My chime didn’t work on first press. Looks like the Volume got reset to 0 on update. Do I even remember the chime having a volume? Are there more sounds there than I remember? The Intruder Alarm is LOUD!

The VOIP came thru in it’s sweet time, about the same 5 to 10 sec delay as before, but the stream image DOES NOT load as fast as the live stream. Still takes a bit for it to step thru from the black loading screen.

Will continue to test when I can monitor the DZ and AI.

Also, upon opening my TinyCam Pro, TCP prompted me with a 2FA code requirement for the doorbell which was odd. No other FW update has ever prompted a new 2FA code requirement. Easy quick success.

Also… A positive… This update FINALLY fixed my tile rotation issue for the doorbell! Now both the single live stream and the multi cam tile are in the correct orientation.

Wyze… I think you might be onto something here.


So far it’s working just fine for me the past few days.

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Detection is spotty especially at night even with sensitivity @ 100% it rarely works.
Today with CAM Plus enabledinstead of detecting a person at a distance over 6ft away it just showed Motion detected.
Detection is an issue as often Amazon just dumps a package at the bottom stair

I am currently at on my replacement VDB. It wants me to go to version
I am not updating till this beta becomes production! I
Does anyone know how long it will be till it is offered in production?
Thanks go out to all the beta testers !!

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No real timeline for the public release as I see it. It all depends on the results coming back in from the Beta. With the rocky history of this FW, I would guess that there are a lot less Beta’s now, so less testing and feedback. But, when you see it come out as a Release Candidate Beta, you will know the finish line is in sight.

If there are specific functions that interest you and have not been mentioned above, post them in and I can try to test drive it and report back.

I would like to participate in this beta testing. How do I get the beta version?


Android 2.37 B116 beta app
Doorbell did not connect first attempt stuck step 2 of 3 for a min or so.
backed out second attempt connected.
Captured 2 sets of logs

Doorbell 804198 and 804264
App 804202 and 804276

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