Doorbell takes long or will not connect to app

I set up and started using my doorbell camera, it worked good and connected to the app fine…a bit slow…but it connected.
Now I wait for 5 minutes and it won’t connect.
I have tried to unplug and reset. No help.

It still records some but not all events.
Example I left this morning at 0500 it did not pick up an event.
Wife went out at 0700 and it showed an event.

Wondering how I fix this?

A number of us are experiencing the same thing (in a parallel thread). The belief is that it is a server-side issue, so don’t knock your brains out! HOPEFULLY EVENTUALLY IT WILL BE FIXED ON THEIR END!! Until then, we all are SOL!!

All hardware and connections are working just fine as of this writing.

It is kind of odd. It seems to be a widespread issue as there have been many reports of this problem, Wyze has duplicated and acknowledged it, however it is not a universal problem. My VDBv1 is crippled by the lack of detection zone function, but it has never experienced 3of3 loading delays and is on the .060 FW.

I think it is a network connectivity issue, but it is rooted in the way the FW resolves the TUTK P2P network connection thru the local network to get the video from the VDB. It just doesn’t like some networks. Just an opinion tho. Some have postulated that it is a power management issue with the types of power supplies used. Lots of theories.

At any rate, an update and links to other topics discussing this:

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In addition to these server-side issues, is it at all possible that due to the relatively inexpensive hardware offered by Wyze that on the other side we need high end equipment on our end? I have a relatively high-speed web connection via Spectrum (400Mbps down, 20Mbps up), a new Orbi Wi-FI 6 router, a fast PC, newer cell phone (Samsung S21), etc. My Wyze problems seem to be resolved (for now, as of this writing). However, we really don’t know if folks still having issues have such powerful devices where their Wyze equipment is installed. I would then suggest that anyone posting herein about such problems should also indicate what type of equipment and internet speeds they have. Perhaps upgrading one’s equipment when some extra funds are available (if ever, for some) might help?? While this will NOT resolve server-side issues, it may help relieve any bottlenecks on our end.


I wasn’t suggesting that the problems were correlated with the relative quality of the network equipment, but rather Wyze’s method of navigating specific network equipment and security protocols to get the authentication. It is, and always has been, a Wyze coding issue. I’m just purely speculating :thinking: as to where in that coding. It just seems strange that users on the same FW have different results, the differing factor being the type of network AP WiFi. I don’t think the Wyze coding is doing a good job of resolving that.

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Cycling night vision on and back off wakes my DBC every time I try it. So I don’t believe its a server side issue.


The latest Video Doorbell (V1 wired) firmware is out of Beta and looks VERY promising at fixing this issue!

Here are the feedback posts that came in from the Beta Test:

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