Wyze Video Doorbell - 11/3/22

We’re rolling out an update for Wyze Video Doorbell!

Firmware version improves live stream connectivity and hardware performance while fixing a number of bugs. :bell:

Check out the Release Notes to learn more:
:memo: go.wyze.com/releasenotes


This will be a welcome update for those who were having some livestreaming struggles. :slight_smile: Mine never had those problems, but I know it will be very good news for those who have been waiting for this! :slight_smile:


Positive update over here so far. Quicker loading, load straight into live stream and doesn’t do the low res / weird aspect ratio/ full screen thumbnail first. Waiting to see how it affects the detections. The camera picture is still oriented to the very top of my phone screen which may still cause issues for those on their phone notification bar on top of their screen and the controls of the camera if they are overlapped.


MUCH improved version with the issues in .042 and .060!

Loads quickly, doesn’t do the flip flop image orientation, fixed my sideways image in TinyCam, can keep the night vision on auto, detection zone is working, AI recording and notifications is working, VOIP is working.

Quite happy with this release!


My production Doorbell still wants version (at now and working great).
I guess I have to go through to get to
The broken one took the new firmware and seemed to work (powered it via the hidden USB port).

This worked for about a month then I have been having issues for weeks and cannot even connect or install my doorbell anymore. I keep getting code 20004. Anyone else having issues with re-installing?

Edit: I just removed my power and running off battery. Seems to be working for now. Not sure what has changed.

If you have disconnected the power and you are running your doorbell off of battery, this firmware is not for you.

The Video Doorbell Pro is the only one with a battery.

This Firmware is for the Video Doorbell V1 (original) that only runs on wired power.

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Are you referring to this bug? I need to submit it on fix-it Friday next month if I remember…


As soon as I updated my doorbell had issues. Never should have updated. Doorbell is now garbage.

Sometimes it helps if you also post details about the specific issues you are experiencing so that others can post in with shared experiences or fixes they have found.


Dang didn’t see this before. Yep! Your right!


Good evening and Happy Thanksgiving.

I purchased and installed a Wyze Video Doorbell a week ago. Firmware was updated to the latest. Issue that I have is that it is always offline. However, the livestream works. I cannot access the recorded video after the update (maybe because it is offline). Also, detection does not work at night whether night vision is on or off. I have gone through all the suggestions given on the support page, power cycles, removal and reinstallation of device and app, etc. I even upgraded my doorbell transformer to comply with Wyz recommended specs (16V and at least 10VA). BTW, old transformer had those specs. Everything was fine before the firmware update. Any thoughts?

Please post the version of the firmware update that is currently installed.

Wyze Video Doorbell Firmware is

Most users had problems w\ the old FW. This version has shown to be very effective at fixing those issues.


  • Verify App is up to date
  • Clear the cache in the app
  • Sign out of the app
  • Close app
  • Force Close App from OS
  • Power off cam
  • Power cycle router
  • Wait for router to reboot
  • Power on cam
  • Wait for cam to reboot
  • Open app
  • Sign in
  • Verify cam settings
  • Test

Done. It restored the doorbell’s online status. Thanks.

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Great! Glad it’s back. Keep an eye on it and report any further issues here.