Wyze Video Doorbell Firmware Released! - 4/27/22

Thank you for your patience! Wyze Video Doorbell firmware is releasing with connectivity improvements. It also has the Google Assistant and Alexa integration and bug fixes from the halted :partying_face:

Read our Release Notes:


Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn , just updated the firmware to my doorbell (non-pro). I’m still not able to see live view on my nest hub however. Is the live view still not supported? If not what does “add support for Alexa and Google assistant integration” mean?

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Sorry, try again.
Still stuck at 3/3.

Please just give us the ability to roll back to the last version that actually worked (

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It’s getting worse! I couldn’t connect to it anymore after the firmware udpate!!Screenshot_20220429-083739_Wyze

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The upgrade did not improve connectivity
Is there any direction or update from Wyze

There are other threads discussing the doorbell problems. Here is one. There is a Wyze Team member there asking for logs. Suggest you drop logs and then reply back to Arthur over there with your update\FW details and log numbers:

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Well. Don’t work on the damaged one. I have two doorbells, one was upgraded to 042. It then had the 3/3 problem. Then upgraded to 060, initially it was better. Now it is back to the same problem.

The other doorbell was not upgraded to .042 firmware. But now it is upgraded directly to .060. it works fine. No problem what so ever.

So chances are the the .042 update messed up something in the device storage that the .060 did not clear up.

I restarted the bad one several times. No help. I tried to avoid resetting the doorbell until this can be confirmed.

Oh man. Wyze. You messed up big. It’s been a month and we might have to wait another month for an update that might not work.


Same problem here, stuck on 3 of 3. This is happening on both of my Wyze Doorbells making them essentially unusable.

I have a Unifi network with 3 AP’s in an 1800 sq ft house so it’s not a signal strength issue.

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Wyze stop releasing new stuff and focus on fixing issues caused by your updates.


Same issue here, the doorbell is unusable ´:-(

This issue was reported and acknowledged on the latest iteration of Fix it Friday for action by Wyze. They are requesting logs. Suggest all affected follow the link to the Wyze post and supply the requested info in reply.

Would like my Wyze Door Bell to send notification to Alexa when someone ring it

[Mod Note]: Your request was moved to this category for better visibility. Your request is satisfied by existing functionality that may currently be inoperable.

Welcome to the User Community Forum @hien_chu.

This functionality does exist. There are currently some issues going on with the interoperability of the Alexa App and the Wyze skill, so I am not sure if it affects this function. It may only be affecting routines. However, Wyze and Amazon are working on fixing it.

When it does work, you can enable the function by:

  1. Enabling the Wyze Skill in the Alexa App
  2. Adding the Doorbell Cam from Wyze as a device in Alexa
  3. Opening the Doorbell Cam device in Alexa
  4. Enabling the “Doorbell Press Notifications” toggle.

Hope this helps! Good Luck! :crossed_fingers:

EDIT… In that page you can also set the Alexa devices that will announce the press and the sound you hear as well as person notifications if you want them.

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Thank you for your reply. Sorry for not being clear. I was looking for an option for the Wyze Video door bell to send the video to Alexa when someone rings it



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Ah yes… Something different. A function I do not use. But, there are some @Mavens who have the Video Alexa devices and the Video Doorbell. Perhaps they can provide some insight.

Here is the routine I built in Alexa.

When the front door bell is pressed, it’s just a voice command written (Add Action>Custom) in to the routine to call up the camera on the Alexa device or devices of choice.


I did the same thing as R.Good with my Video Doorbell. As he showed, you just do a custom command with Alexa and it acts as if you told Alexa that command verbally.

For a while I even set mine up so that it would automatically stream the video doorbell as soon as it detected a person, even if they didn’t press the doobell button (I had cam plus on it, but a person could even just have it automatically load the video even with just motion).


Well, for whatever reason my Wyze Doorbell (non-pro) is showing that I have the latest firmware version but I know that the latest version is How can I get this Updated? Any suggestions? I have tried to reboot the doorbell also no go.

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Welcome to the User Community Forum @helio4k!

Where is it telling you that it is up to date? I am currently on with the pending in my Firmware list (which I won’t do because of users reporting problems)

FW Updates are listed in Account>Firmware Update