Wyze Video Doorbell Firmware and Wyze Video Doorbell Pro Firmware 1.0.64 Released! - 3/30/22

MOD UPDATE: Firmware for Wyze Video Doorbell is paused while we look into the cause of reports of longer loading times for live streams or connections failing at step 3/3.

Hello, Forum Friends!

I have an update that I know some of you have been waiting for!

Wyze Video Doorbell and Wyze Video Doorbell Pro have firmware updates today! The Pro gets Quick Responses and motion detection zone support and the original doorbell has Alexa and Google Assistant integration and bug fixes. :partying_face:

Wyze Video Doorbell:
Wyze Video Doorbell Pro: 1.0.64

Read our Release Notes:


Quick question. Was the Alexa integration in the VDBv1 FW so that we could view the live feed on Alexa enabled devices or just to get notifications on them?

When I went to update my doorbell cam, and it said update failed, now my doorbell cam is offline. I did power on and off, and it didn’t come back on. Please help :pleading_face:


Had the same problem. Is it solid yellow?

No light at all…

Weird, mine just went to solid yellow and I couldn’t do anything with it. AS far as I know you can’t flash firmware on the doorbells, so it may be toast. Mine was.

Did you have to replace it?

Yes, I did but your experience may be different. There is a 1 year warranty on them so if yours is in that time frame, they will replace it.

If so, this will be my second time, having to replace it. Got to check my timeline.


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Did not have a problem before this new update until now.

Now my problem is there no thumbnail image showing in the notification anymore. Why take away this feature and not tell us before we update? Now i don’t know what is detected until I open the app. Super annoying. :rage:
Contacted customer service and they say nothing can be done to go back to previous firmware notification style as of now.

Please bring back the thumbnail image in the notification.


Update went fine. Got excited about Zone detection since my camera faces a busy street. However I can’t find the zone detection settings


In the VDBv1 the detection zone settings are in the Cam Settings>Detection Settings, under the Detection Sensitivity. I don’t have VDBPro so I can’t comment there. Not sure why they would be somewhere else though.

Same. It is not under Detection settings.


I’m updating to 2.30.0.b118 now to see if it’s there. It’s missing in

Nope. Still missing in 2.30.0.b118

Missing in 2.30.0 (3) on iOS as well.

Just for clarification… Mine is a VDBv1, FW, Android App

However, there are other issues emerging since the FW update. Have to review all the additional AI Event videos I got hit with today and will post back.

Thanks for the clarification. I’m using the Video Doorbell Pro on Firmware 1.0.64. It’s missing the motion detection zones.

I can test on the Video Doorbell tomorrow to see if it’s only a problem with the Pro. It’s in a box somewhere.


:+1: It seems that the cart is hitched to the wrong end of the horse. They gave the Pro FW the detection zone support but forgot they need App UI to set it.