Stuck at 3 of 3 Authenticating - Firmware

Stuck at 3 of 3 Authenticating - Firmware Anyone else having doorbell issues?



Are you viewing the camera from the same network it’s on, or are you on cellular?

Check your internet speed, and check your WiFi strength at the location of the doorbell.

Try restarting the device in its device settings.

EDIT: it looks like others are having simmaler issues with this firmware issues, Wyze is looking into it and your best bet is to just keep checking for updates with the fix.

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Yea over wifi and cellular, did restart a few times… I even kicked the doorbell off my home network and had it reconnect.

Playing back of past events is fine, just sticks at 3/3 connecting, ie no Live View :frowning:

UNIFI :astonished:

Yea this is apparently an issues many are experience, I brought it up with Wyze so they will look into it.

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Submit a log and write down the #.

Go to this thread and scroll to the bottom. Then reply to Arthur from the Wyze Team with your FW version, log number, and a description of your situation.


Yep, same here.
Was working fine for months. New firmware made it totally unreliable.


Same problem here, stuck on 3 of 3 in live view but prior motion clips work.

This is not a signal strength issue as I have 3 Unifi AP’s in my 1800 sq ft home one of which is only a few feet from the Wyze VD.


I live in a split level home with 3 floors but smaller than a typical 3 family home. I have a Zmodo cam facing out to the street from my 3rd floor bedroom window. My router is in my family room, the lowest level of my home and never drops connection. I also have 3 Wyze Cam Pan’s inside my home and they never drop connection either. The Wyzedoor bell though is has connectivity issues and I think its this update. It has to be a firmware issue, this is the only one with connectivity issue. A constant Authenticating 1 of 3 or 3 of 3…

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Same problem here. Very frustrating.
Performed the ‘Please try: 1. Force close app and retry
2. Power cycle the camera’
multiple times.
No improvement.


Has anyone had any luck? My video doorbell is off line and won’t come up!

Not yet, still stuck… Physically unplugging the power to the bell brings it up for a while but soon goes back to 3/3. At this point Waiting for software guys to figure that ish out. and push an update🤔

Same, latest version, tried all of their troubleshooting methods and it still gets stuck on step 3

Fix it Friday is here. Suggest everyone click thru and post your issue.

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I posted this issue of the doorbell cam, if it’s happening to you, you can vote for it


No long duration test on this yet, only about 12 hours, When I power via microUSB (i know it is not a supported way to do it), I have instant connect again.

Posting in the case the devs are only testing via USB power.

*edit, 24 hours in and it still instantly connects.
Armchair debugger - Program checks power state for streaming video load and for some reason on doorbell amperage it is not passing power state check. :slight_smile:

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So perhaps its a transformer issue at the chime?

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Very astute observation. Made me think :thinking: as did @pdclimer. Great troubleshooting. I am not using a house doorbell transformer or existing chime power. I have not experienced this load delay issue. I am using an outlet powered Wall Wart power adapter that I bought to meet the power needs of the doorbell. I wired it direct to the doorbell myself. Perhaps the power supply does have something to do with it. Would love to see if others test on a new power supply to see if it duplicates the solution.

I’m doubting it is a transformer issue (or hardware issue) as the camera was working fine until the last 2 firmware updates.

Agreed that it is a firmware issue and the change\update to that firmware caused the issue to appear.

The troubleshooting is for someone who is using an existing house bell transformer, updated the firmware and now has the problem, to switch to a direct power supply (direct Wall Wart like me or micro USB like @pdclimer) to get additional confirmations that this ‘fixes’ the problem. (Unfortunately I do not have a pre-wired doorbell and so no transformer or powered doorbell chime to test the hypothesis)

With that confirmed ‘fix’ to the problem, it also confirms the hypothesis by @pdclimer and @gabrielescobar that the source of the problem that broke the doorbell is in the firmware coding that checks\regulates the input power.

If we are able to tell Wyze where to look in the code and how to test the unit to duplicate our findings, it may lead to a quicker firmware resolution to the problem.

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While it certainly worth checking, I’m not sure it confirms that it is the issue.

Also consider that mtweisenbarger posted “I installed a string hanging from the ceiling about 3 feet from the cameras to trigger what I call “soft” motion events (the camera picks them up but doesn’t notify me constantly) and had to drop the motion even sensitivity but it works. Even the slightest motion capture will make the live view work.”

I found that when stuck on Step 3, waving my hand if front of the camera (detection) made it work right away as well.

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