Wired doorbell audio

Attached is a recording of the garbled doorbell audio. Cannot hear people.
Please advise.


What firmware are you running?




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They just released an updated firmware that should help with livestreaming issues.

Part of the reason for asking which firmware version someone has, is that “Latest” can be a relative term as sometimes there are different firmware tracts. Also, stating the exact number helps someone else to find that exact number to test with or replicate. Also, sometimes something will show “Up to date” for 2 people even though they have different firmware version. This is especially more likely when one person is having and issue and others aren’t. It’s possible that part of the issue is that the device isn’t updating correctly to the true newest version even if it says “up to date” so we’ll always ask.

In the future, it can be found by opening the device and selecting settings then Device info, and it will say the firmware version there.

Let us know if you are still having issues after updating to the firmware that was released today.
And it says it’s up to date,


That version of the firmware for the doorbell is not up to date.

It may take a bit for the update to get to your app, but here is the latest release announcement thread (the same one @carverofchoice provided above):