Wyze Wired Doorbell Firmware Beta Test 3/17/2022


  • Fixed the Cloud AI bug on

  • Fixed a timestamp issue that caused Error 06 on all Wyze Video Doorbell Event videos

Previous Beta Version

  • Added support for Alexa and Google Assistant integration (pending official certification)

  • Fixed a bug that caused inaccurate offline statuses

  • Fixed a video rotation issue in Wyze Home Monitoring

  • Fixed a bug that prevented night vision changes

  • Fixed a bug that displayed incorrect chime firmware versions in Device Info

  • Fixed a bug that prompted updating when using the most recent update

  • Fixed a bug that prevented future setup after a Wi-Fi disconnection during pairing

Known Issue:

  • Person detection might not be announced on Alexa devices. If this happens to you, please help submit a log with the Event timestamp. We are actively working with the Alexa team to solve this issue. Thank you!

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I’m getting stuck connecting to the doorbell on step 3, getting video data

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VDB updated without issue. Will report anything out of the norm.

Updated without a problem, still has that weird bug from the last firmware that the camera starts out in this semi vertical/horizontal view does a quick rotate after a few seconds then is fine.

Clearing the cache worked to resolve the same issue for me

FW Installed on 2 Video Doorbells without issue.

Although not related to this Firmware the issue with the Loading of the VDB cycling twice and the the Stream having to refresh to fix the resolution still exists.

Log Submitted: 506643

The Video will show what happens. You will see the connection process go through twice and then the it starts streaming. Watch the clock, it will be fuzzy and the the screen refreshes and the clock is crisp and clear.

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Worked here too. Thnks!

Was about to make this video of it but yes this is exactly what is happening with mine as well.

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@WyzeAndy - Since the update, my doorbell continuously gets stuck on Authentication when trying to connect to Live Video. It still records events and sends notifications, but rarely can I connect to Live Video. I sent logs a while back and worked with someone in support including using the software to check my network. I have a ton of Wyze cameras, and the doorbell was the only one not working.

Last week, I helped a friend of mine install a Wyze doorbell on his house. He is running the latest production firmware (not Beta). His doorbell ‘works’ but he experiences delays between 10-15 seconds for his Live Video to begin working. He has a V3 camera much further away from his router that connects instantly.

I was so fed up with my doorbell, I replaced it with a new one from Home Depot. This unit is currently running It is connecting flawlessly and I’m not planning on updating it. I see others in this thread are also reporting Authentication issues. It seems something has changed in the firmware including the current production version and beta that is effecting the ability for the camera to instantly connect to Live Video feeds.


I am seeing the same issue. After the update to I am having connectivity issues. Most of the time it gets stuck on "Step 3 of 3: getting video data. " And it will take forever for the video feed to appear. Sometimes it will pop up in a 10seconds. Sometimes it just sits for a couple minutes before getting the live feed. Definitely not a signal strength issue because I have cameras further away that appear fine. The device info also shows 3 bars. Lastly, once the live feed appears, it’s pretty solid. Just getting the initial live video feed takes forever.


That is exactly what I was experiencing. It’s super frustrating. I talked to support and they were taking me through all the basic troubleshooting including checking my network… That’s all fine, it’s the firmware that is the issue. To prove it, I went to Home Depot and bought another doorbell. Replaced the one I had installed with the new one running firmware and told it NOT to update the firmware. It’s been flawless. Instantly connects every time to Live video. The only issue I have with it is that it doesn’t give me notifications to my Apple watch, only to the phone. I can live with that versus what we were experiencing before.

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We went to visit my friend that I helped install his Wyze doorbell. He was going to talk to us through the doorbell when we came up to the door as a joke. However, he couldn’t get it to connect to live video! He’s not running beta firmware, just the latest production firmware… I’m not sure what it will take to get someone from Wyze to realize there is a problem here.

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This is an issue on the non-beta firmware. I have the same problems on my pro and non-pro doorbells. I installed a string hanging from the ceiling about 3 feet from the cameras to trigger what I call “soft” motion events (the camera picks them up but doesn’t notify me constantly) and had to drop the motion even sensitivity but it works. Even the slightest motion capture will make the live view work. I didn’t experience these issues until I updated the firmware released on March 30th. Wyze, please fix this!

Having this same exact problem. I just updated the firmware last night (4/4/22) to this version (, I wasn’t aware there was a problem until about an hour ago. I literally had just gotten in the shower when I heard the chime go off, I reached out of the shower, grabbed my phone to bring up the app and tell whoever I couldn’t come to the door, but then I was met with this issue, so I just put the phone down and finished showering.

Afterwards, I fiddled with the app a bit and it finally displayed the live doorbell video. I never received the normal notification that someone was at the door, but was hoping an event was logged.
That also didn’t happen (which I’m not overly surprised about given the nature of this doorbell), so oh well.

Is there a way to roll-back the firmware? I think I’m done with Wyze overall, but until I figure out what camera ecosystem I want to jump into next, it would be nice to have things working the way they’re supposed to.


I knew I shouldn’t have run the update. The doorbell was working flawlessly since September…. Now it’s more miss than hit. Connection issues, live feed issues, notifications not happening. Get frustrated and then all of a sudden further time passes and it’s working on its own for awhile before eff’n up again.
Sure hope there is a fix/patch for this pitiful update.

Curious if you opened a ticket and submitted a log on this?

Is it possible for you to or others to submit a video of what you are experiencing. Asking as I am running the latest FW on my VDB without any issue (knock on wood),

Stupid question, but have you tried restarting the doorbell via the Circuit Breaker or removing a wire from the doorbell and then putting it back on? When I had weird issues in the past, I simply went to the transformer and disconnected it. Once I connected it back, my issues disappeared.

Whatever the issue is, I think the issue may be cloud side related. Today it’s working better than it was yesterday. Maybe the new firmware messed up part of the cloud integration. I don’t imagine it local to the device. But who knows.

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I looked and didn’t see any way to roll back the firmware. They used to post the firmware and at least with cameras with an SD slot, you could roll them back. I don’t think that option exists for the doorbell. I went out and purchased another doorbell and switched it out with mine. I declined the firmware update after I installed it and it has been running flawlessly.

Hopefully Wyze takes notice of this issue and resolves it soon.

I killed power to the doorbell multiple times for several minutes and then rebooted. Sometimes it would then work great for a few minutes but then right back to not wanting to connect for live video. I also completely reset the device using the button on the back, as well as deleted it from my app and completely reinstalled it. I sent in a log and chatted with Support. They kept running me through the ‘simple’ fixes, rebooting, set it up again, etc. They also had me download an app to ‘test my network’. I did that and it showed nothing wrong. Likewise, I have multiple other cameras that are much further away from my router than the doorbell which all work flawless. That was the last I have heard from support.

It would nice to at least get an acknowledgement from Wyze stating - thanks for letting us know, we are looking into the issue. Or something along those lines…