Wyze Video Doorbell Firmware Beta Test 2/16/2022

  • Added support for Alexa and Google Assistant integration (pending official certification)

  • Fixed a bug that caused inaccurate offline statuses

  • Fixed a video rotation issue in Wyze Home Monitoring

  • Fixed a bug that prevented night vision changes

  • Fixed a bug that displayed incorrect chime firmware versions in Device Info

  • Fixed a bug that prompted for updating when using the most recent update

  • Fixed a bug that prevented future setup after a Wi-Fi disconnection during pairing

  • Person detection might not be announced on Alexa devices. If this happens to you, please help submit a log with the Event timestamp. We are actively working with the Alexa team to solve this issue. Thank you!

Installed ion 2 VDB v1’s without issue. Will begin testing.

Installed without issue.

Will we be notified when and if the certification is provided?

Also, does this mean we will be able to stream the video to an Echo show again?


Installed with out issues. I do notice a minor issue with the interface when bringing up the camera. The image comes up sideways then rotates to the correct orientation. When the phone is held vertically most times it will rotate 90 degrees clockwise then back. Occasionally it will rotate twice 90 left 180 right and then back. This occurs after the connection is established as the stream is stabilizing amounting to about a 2 second delay. I am on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ Android 11 One UI 3.1


Causing app to crash when clicking on live feed for doorbell

Installed fine, no issues here.

Selecting doorbell from list on home.
View shows what appears to be SD resolution.
One to two seconds later video switches to HD resolution.

This was not the fun

ctionality before and is undesirable.

Installed without issue. I like @spamoni4 was curious if this would allow for the VDB to be viewable from Alexa/Fire Devices again. So far in all my tests with multiple show devices the result is the same “Hmmm, the camera isn’t responding.”

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It does show up in HMS correctly oriented.

However, the Alexa integration may be waiting for certification first.

Or as I like to call it the Alexa percolate😁

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Does the google integration mean that video will be able to be streamed to a google nest hub?

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That would be nice! It would be even better if you could answer the doorbell through the nest hub.

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Recorded my VDB during load to show an issue. Notice when it gets to step 3 of the process, it actually flickers before the step label appears. Then when the Video Stream connects notice it is Blurry, the rotates 90 degrees, then rotated back and the video was clear again. No Log submitted as it is reproducible and the camera works. I can submit if needed,


That is the exact issue I am having. Just got the Android 12 OneUI 4.0 patch for Samsung Galaxy S10+ and the issue persists. Is that a Pixel that you are running on?

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Yes, it is a Pixel 6 running Android 12 latest Security Patch. I think this was introduced during the last FW update. I also experience it going through the login process twice sometimes before showing the image. Not because there is an issue, it just simply restarts the process.


The bug it says it fixes “Fixed a video rotation issue in Wyze Home Monitoring” is actually a new bug that is now showing up in the app for me. It may be fixed the home monitoring but it is broken in the app now. I reported this and sent some screen shots of the rotated view. The last thing support asked me to try was remove it and re-add it. I haven’t done that yet, this doorbell is a pain to reset. Maybe push the previous working firmware back and users can opt to install it or not. It worked. This beta breaks it for some. (yes, I know it’s a beta version).

I actually have 2. One is setup in my office for testing. I use the USB port.

Besides the sideways video flickering It also no longer detects motion.