Wyze Video Doorbell Released! - 3/8/21

Happy Monday, forum friends!

The first update for Wyze Video Doorbell is releasing today! adds support for a customized motion detection zone, a watermark for Cam Plus Events, automatically changing time zones for Daylight Savings Time, and more!

Read our Release Notes:


Any time frame for when it will be available to order?


Welcome @jeannetten2012!
No date has been announced yet.

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The Wyze Cam Plus logo seems to appear in all video (motion, AI, and manual). The release notes make it sound like it’s specific to Cam Plus events.


Does the app also need to be updated for the detection zone to appear? I’ve updated to the latest firmware and restarted the camera and app, but only see the Motion Detection Sensitivity option. No detection zone option on the Detection Settings screen. Confirmed the firmware shows


Same here. Android app. No update on play store.

Ditto for me, no detection zones in my android app.
Or is that “added support for” as in for future releases?
thank you

go to Home Depot they have them

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I updated but don’t see customizable detection zone?

I just updated the firmware and I can customize the detection zone on my IOS devices. :grinning:

I have no changes on my iOS and I looked to make sure I’m on the newest update

The doorbell detection zone is a feature of the firmware update. The app part of the feature is still in beta testing. Once that is released, the zones feature will be active.

Don’t mean to be picky but you could have mentioned that when you released the firmware. Just saying. Customer QC location out, for now.

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Firmware updated tonight
when audio is turned on in both ios and android there is no sound
only hear audio when the mic is turned on
firmware notes suggested this was fixed

Updated and now my doorbell doesn’t work. Will not connect. Deleted it to start over and now all I get is a solid yellow light with no ready to connect voice

“Added a watermark for Cam Plus Events”

For this reason I’ll never update the firmware or renew cam plus.

Dear Wyze keep your logos and crap off the feeds

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What if I don’t have a hard wire doorbell already. Can’t it be wifi?

You can turn off the watermark

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TBF, you can toggle it.

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