Doorbell feedback

I received and installed the wyze doorbell. I have two other wyze cam v2.
The doorbell is 1.5 m away (below) from one the of the wyzecams
Some observations of the doorbell:

  • Logistics: I live in Canada and purchased it the first or second day it was out for preorder. I used one of the mail forwarders and got it this week
  • Freebies: I got a complimentary 2 week trial of cam plus (I already have cam plus for another camera).
  • Installation: was relatively uneventful. I did find that attaching the wires to the cam so they go up as opposed to down was more convenient for mounting.
  • View/angle: I used the wedge since the doorbell is in the side of the door trim. The trim is decent and does a good job. It does catches my own door (say 10% of view) but reasonable and I can see what is in my doorstep. Note there is a bit of distortion in the view (thing that are close)
  • Setup App: Mostly ok but the chime part didn’t happen automatically and I have to fiddle with that to make it work
  • Chime: A little quite IMO. UPDATE: it is good actually, set an adequate time, increase volume and ensure you have removed the transparent sticker from the speaker
  • Detection: It looks it only detects /saves when somebody is right in front ~1.5m away from the doorbell. Anything beyond is not capture even though it is in view. So those other events are not saved. Note that there are no settings to set detection area
  • Night vision: seem to be similar to other wyze cam v2. I was hopping it would be (superior) like cam v3. It does illuminates (turn light on) if somebody if somebody is right in front of the doorbell and you see better/colors in that situation.
  • Connectivity: I noticed that I got “Failed to upload error on a video.” earlier. It seem to have a weaker signal than the wyze cam that is right above. I use the tinycam app to see the streams on TV and this indicates wyzecams consistently has 0% dropped frames and wyze doorbell has consistently 60-75% dropped frames. On the good side, yes doorbell works on tinycam

Anybody else has feedback on the connectivity of the doorbell?

Thank for review. Mine just came in todays mail. Might get it installed tomorrow, but at least soon.

Mine too. Install tomorrow.

I also used the wedge since my old door bell was on the side which 30 degree angle is not enough in my case, the only issue for me would be how low the bell options are. Most of them minus one or two can barely be heard Specially the “Simple Tunes” 15-18. Other than that I like it.

Make the door bell chime louder by going into the Wyze App for the door bell and increase the sound.

I have since the beginning but that volume doesn’t cut it, the house would almost have to be silent to hear it. I hope it gets improved.

Detection sensitivity is configurable. Out of the box it’s set to 5 out of (I believe) 100, so if you move that slider up a little you might catch more.

The Wyze Doorbell seems challenging for a lot of delivery people. It doesn’t seem immediately obvious to them where the button is. They don’t really know where to push and I’ve seen thumbs come at me on the videos on more than one occasion.

Yes I have set vol to max but chime is nowhere comparable the “traditional” one I had to disconnect to install wyze
I have used an alexa routine to play a secondary bell for reinforcement
Also I tested the audio. The doorbell speaker is loud enough for me (live in a residential area so not a lot of noise to compete with)

Did you take the plastic off the speaker? I have to keep volume way down, anything more it’s too loud.

Not too bad installation. The 3 degree weather was worst part.

Looks good out of the box. Awaiting first doorbell ring!

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Wow, my ho use is 3,500 square ft and I can hear the chime all over the house, it’s a loud chime. I wanted it to be heard but I still had to t urn it dhow because the chime is extremely loud. Maybe you chime is defective.

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I updated my initial observation. Speaker is loud enough certainly ( set an adequate tone, increase vol and ensure transparent sticker is removed from speaker)

Another thing I noticed. Wyze Notification show an image rotated 90 degrees. However live viewer and recording playback shows proper alignment (unrotated). I submitted a ticket to support
Anybody else see this?

In set up, it asked if you were using it in a perpendicular or parallel (I think) install … I assumed relative to the ground … did you pick perpendicular? That’s the only thing I could think would cause this. Haven’t seen a setting available to switch vs resetting and setting up again.

My app setup was abnormal. Not sure why but it finished abruptly and I had to setup the chime separately. I don’t remember at all seeing an option for vertical vs horizontal.
The doorbell is physically in the traditional vertical position. The live view and the recordings are perfect
It is just notification pic that is rotated. Actually I also use tinycam app and image is rotated there as well but (you can set app to rotate for you )
UPDATE casting to nvidia shield / mibox (android tv) also shows a 90 rotated image

I need more angle than the wedge provides. Has anyone come up with any work around? Wyze support tells me that additional plastic wedges from them are NOT available. They also do not offer any work arounds themselves their only advise was posting this request.


Got email today from Wyze that my preordered doorbell has shipped.

I got it last week. Still technically correct :grin:

Haven’t installed yet.

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You could try making a wood, plastic or metal shim and placing it behind the wedge for more angle

It’s amazing how quiet the chime is when that little sheet of plastic is not removed! (I noticed the same thing)

Pro-tip to everyone: Remove the protective plastic on the chime.


Just installed my doorbell cam.
I redid the install to add the wedge and also realized I didn’t bypass the chime box the first time around (I skipped the app install walkthrough initially).
My db cam also was having connectivity issues compared to my wyzecam v2 in the window next to the door. It’s better after doing the install properly. Detection so far is not the same as the v2 cam. It might be picking up shoes on our porch as packages (AI detection enabled). I’ll give it more time and see on all these issues.
I also have the image rotation issue in notifications (I’m on latest iOS).