Wyze Doorbell Cam Wishlist

I currently have a Ring Doorbell Cam v2. It works, and is minimally acceptable to use. Mine is wired using existing doorbell wiring. Ring has announced their v3 doorbell which appears to address all of the issues I wanted to see addressed.

That said I know Wyze has a doorbell cam in the works as well. So for now I think I will hold off on upgrading until I see what Wyze brings to the table.

My wishlist for a doorbell cam so far.

  1. Wired power. Battery power. Both.
  2. Wireless network. Prefer at least 5 GHz WiFi.
  3. Option to auto display video stream when it senses motion or someone rings the doorbell.
  4. Record continuously as an option, either to SD card or network share.
  5. Person Detection. Nice to have would be facial recognition.
  6. Selectable Chimes.
  7. 2 way audio.
  8. Fast video connection. No big delays connecting to the video stream.

That’s my current list. As I say the Ring v3 appears to have most of these now but I want to give the community time to evaluate the device and see what Wyze brings to the table.


I would add one more item to the list;

  1. Allow the doorbell camera to be viewed as part of my regular camera groups, And optionally show the image wide like the rest of the cameras as well.
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