Wyze doorbell wireless

Possible new Wyze wireless doorbell​:scream::+1::+1:. Could it work with Wyze Sense??!!


I don’t believe any details have been released about the Wyze doorbell other than the poll asking for customer input. It’s probably safe to say it will use WiFi for the video stream and probably act as both a trigger (motion detected, button pushed?) and action (record video clip, activate bulb, etc) within the Wyze app, but that’s speculation of course.

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As a security installation professional I have installed tons of doorbell cams.
These would be the MUST HAVE features I would want in a good doorbell cam.

  1. The best wifi card possible that gets at least 75’ range to the router through walls and works with all brands of wireless repeaters. (optional plugin repeater / chime would solve a lot of problems but would be better if the built in wifi card could reach the router without any repeater)
  2. The best microphone and speaker possible. If you can not hear them and they can’t hear you it is totally useless.
  3. Lightning fast notification on the app. The time it takes from pressing the button to being able to see, hear and speak to a visitor must be under 10 seconds (5 would be better)
  4. Completely sealed and waterproof. I can’t tell you how many I have replaced from water damage.
  5. Real motion sensor not one that uses the video image, works better than one that uses the image from the camera.

Not as important features:
6. Video, as long as it is 720p that is enough for the first version of the camera
7. Night vision
8. Easily swappable battery
9. Adjustable camera angle

Hope to see one under my Christmas Tree this year. :grinning:


I would agree with Scorpion’s assessment, but I would move power up higher on the list. A 2 year battery is better than wiring with existing transformer / bell. I’ve sacked 2 doorbells because their power situation just couldn’t play well with my existing electricity (with or without resistor packs, etc…). Take a lesson from the XT2 cameras and own that market.

Is there an update on the progress of the doorbell cam?

My two Nest doorbells pretty much match all that criteria, except for battery option.