Help Us Develop Our Doorbell Camera!

Hi, everyone!

We are working on developing a doorbell camera and have a short survey about hardware preferences for you if you’re interested. This survey will only take about 2-3 minutes of your time and will help guide our development.

Thanks for your time!


Please don’t break anything (existing products) when releasing this.


The question about “wired” vs not wired is confusing. My current doorbell has a light and therefor power. The cam should run off this current doorbell power source. Thanks!


I found it confusing as well.

Wireless? Is is asking Ethernet or wifi? Is it asking battery or USB adapter?


My guess is they are deciding between a powered wired option vs a battery operated system, that would require replacement or charging.


I have a Ring Doorbell. It is wired and uses the power from the original doorbell power transformer to charge its internal battery. It communicates with the network via WiFi.

Ring also makes a wireless battery powered doorbell for apartment dwellers and most renters. It is battery powered only and communicates with the network via WiFi.

I don’t know of any smart doorbell provider that uses Ethernet for networking. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist but this would almost guarantee drilling holes through the wall.


Can you please add Pan and Zoom to the doorbell cam? It would be useful to be able to look down when I get packages at the door, and to look side to side.


Yeah, your wired vs. wireless question was a bust.

What most people will want is a wireless (wifi) product that importantly can be powered off the existing door bell transformer. The Ring Doorbell will either power from an existing doorbell transformer or will run from replaceable batteries. The functionality of the product is significantly limited when running purely from batteries. It’s ok to support a battery powered only mode, but if the user already has an existing doorbell with a transformer, why not take advantage of the power and keep the camera alive all the time for real time streaming or streaming on demand.

Also, let me suggest that you make the product as narrow as possible. Ideally 25mm wide, but under 35mm in any case. Most existing doorbell cameras are too wide to fit door frames with surrounding sidelight windows. Your average existing doorbell button is about 20mm wide. The current Ring Doorbell is about 62mm wide and will not work on many door frames.


That is exactly how mine are, then beyond the sidelight window is brick. Thinner wood be good or I will be doing some fun routing of wires to move it to where it can still be usable.


I don’t have a doorbell so there is no easy way to get power , therefore I would want battery powered


Unless the wired doorbell can activate the inside chimes, then any configuration needs to provide an in-home chime to let people know there is someone at the door. If you relied only on the app, then anyone away from the phone or doesn’t have the app, would never know to check the door.

Also, to be able to add additional chimes for other places in the home where one can’t hear the primary chime. When I’m in my basement, I hear the doorbell only about 50% of the time. (Although, I do hear the dogs 100% of the time. :grinning: )


Definitely. Ring has the ability to ring the existing chimes, but if you’re doing an installation where there is no exiting doorbell and you’re not wiring to a transformer, they have a unit that plugs into a wall that sits on the wifi network and chimes when the doorbell is pressed. You really want both methods.

I could also see people that plan to use existing chimes wanting to use the remote chime unit as well if they have multiple floors or remote areas of the house that can’t hear the doorbell well. Or even putting one on a back porch so if you’re outside and someone rings your front bell you can hear it.


For me personally , If I could have Alexa say , someone is at the door , that would be great, nothing else needed


Assuming you’re bought into Alexa, then sure.

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I am somewhat familiar with the Ring doorbell. I bought one for my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas. It is the battery pack one, but he still hasn’t installed it. (That’s a whole other issue, but I digress.)

I guess, what I was saying is that Wyze could use those features from Ring (without stating that in my first post) and at sell it at “the Wyze price”, the product becomes a no-brainer. If it can use my existing transformer and chimes, great. Otherwise, have the option to add a wifi chime that plugs into a wall socket. (Or better yet, a Wyze plug, so it can be turned off at night.)


On thing that I like about the Ring is that it has additional finish colors available and an angled mounting kit so you can direct the camera towards the door area if it is off to the side. These would be nice accessories for a Wyze Doorbell. I’d understand if the price point doesn’t allow them to be included by default.


Please don’t forget about the masses living in apartments that can not use regular doorbells… To have this double function as a peephole camera for apartments would be amazing!!! I know there is a separate wishlist page for this (link below), but it would be great if it was built all in one with battery/wired choice built in. :grinning:

For anyone else looking for this please add your vote here :+1::


It is obviously safe to assume I have Alexa devices or would not have posted that

Just pointing out that not everybody has an Alexa or wants to have one. They need an inside chime device to cover those people.