Wyze Doorbell vs Ring Doorbell

Wanting some opinions from people who have used both, recently. Would like a comparison of features, and ease of refreshing the live feed.

A little backstory: I have 2 1st Gen Ring doorbells (can be wired or battery). The last 3 months or more something has changed. I’m getting constant black videos and no live view. I can reset them (like adding them new) but it is a huge hassle and it really only solves the problem for a few hours.

They used to work flawlessly. I don’t know what ring screwed up, but I’m not the only one experiencing these issues… And before I go off on a whole tangent about how frustrated I am… I’ll leave it at that.

I’m considering jumping ship to Wyze, but I wanted some feedback from the community before I do so.

Thanks in advance!

I have experience with both, for me Wyze works better, people tend to look at my view as biased since I am a mod though. I think you should get some good feedback on your question from people here because there are some who have used both and some who have complaints with Wyze.


I have WOCs covering the area where my doorbell is currently since Ring is being so unreliable. It’s gotta be a server side issue on their end or something. My wyze cameras all work, and even if they fail to connect - which happens - I just have to close the app and reopen. The only way to fix the ring ones are to unmount it, reset it by holding the orange button for a minute. Then going through setup like it’s new. And it’s a very temporary fix. Within a few hours it’s back to black videos and no live view. What’s weirder is I only have to reset one… And the other one will start working again as well.

Hurry up Wyze and get the doorbells back in stock so I can put my WOCs back where they were before. :joy:

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Well that destroys any theories I may have had lol. That is odd that resetting one fixes both.

Home Depot may have them


Honestly, I just think that all the updates they’ve pushed over the last 3 months with ‘improvements and new features’ just aren’t compatible with the 1st Gen doorbell.

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maybe they are taking the apple path of planned obsolescence?


I have have also had great experiences with my Wyze doorbell, all features have worked as expected. I really like the fact that it’s small but you know there’s a camera so it’s a good deterrent.

It’s possible especially because Amazon has done that to other products.


I recently went thru 2 new (2021) ring wired doorbells (no battery). sent both back and am now using wyze doorbell. the ring kept losing connectivity and unable to get it back quickly. My internet speed at the doorbell was over 100mbs up and down. I replaced the transformer and the voltage at the ring was 17 plus volts. found the ring to be very unstable. not sure if it is the hardware or the software but not ready for prime time yet. the negative was that wyze does not work with Alexa but i trust that is coming.

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Cannot speak for the Ring Doorbell, but I have had Ring Camera’s and ended up returning after replacing it twice with the same issue. Black recordings and sporadic Live Streaming.

I did have a Eufy Doorbell, Battery until I ran the Wire, it worked well for me. However, Now that I have the Wyze doorbell, I have no regrets with switching. You are familiar with the Wyze products, so no need to re-iterate, except to say that there is a little delay when using CamPlus, but I found if I leave CamPlus on and allow All Motion, I get notified frequently. My front door does not face the street so not many false notifications. Those I did get was rectified by blocking off those area’s. Also note, currently the doorbell does not appear to have the motion rectangle to let you know what triggered it.

But I am happy with the doorbell.

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I just read another post that says there is live view capability on the Wyze Doorbell on Amazon video devices (show, fire tv, etc) but that the orientation is sideways rather than upright. Then someone commented that they are planning to remove that entirely rather than fix it?

That’s… Disappointing. I use my fire tv to view my camera feeds quite frequently and that might be a deal breaker for the Wyze doorbell.

I’m still super frustrated with my ring doorbells. Another call to support is warranted again today. sigh.

I actually heard that they were going to remove it to stop all of the complaints until it is fixed. I really don’t think it will be removed indefinately.

You can always get the Eufy. It is actually a real nice doorbell. I am trying to get to 1 ecosystem, and find that the Wyze Doorbell works very well.

I just checked and it shows up on Alexa, but it is sideways.

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I can deal with sideways better than not at all. So, that’s a plus. Now I just have to find one.

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Home Depot, you also get a 1 year CamPlus license with it. So the $49 price - the 1 Year CamPlus was worth it to me. I believe Microcenter, if you have one near you, carries them.

The one near me was out. I was bummed. Lol

I actually had to go to one by my house and had them dig around to find it. :slight_smile:

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Used to have a Ring Doorbell Pro until about 2 months ago. The Wyze doorbell arrived and sat on my shelf for a week. Didn’t really have a reason to remove the Ring because it worked. One Saturday I made the swap. WOW! The image is far superior, and going back in time is easier than with the Ring.

The Ring (and 3 spotlights) are going on ebay. Wyze makes a much better camera at a fraction of the cost of the Ring. And I was a Ring Explorer too.

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Looks like you can get it from the HomeDepot near me and have it shipped to you. I am not sure, but I think they will ship it anywhere. I live in VA.


I guess I’m behind on knowing the specs of the doorbell. I just read that it’s hardwired, but won’t use the existing chime? Why not? I love my chime. Is there a way to still use my existing chime?

There is not a way to use the existing chime, since there is no battery in the doorbell the chime gets jumpered to give the doorbell constant power

Well that’s a bummer. My brain doesn’t like the idea of a chime being on my wall that serves no purpose. :neutral_face:

I’ve got yet another call to make to ring to see if I can get it resolved or replaced. And I just bought a new router to see if that solves any of the problems (it probably won’t, but it gave me an excuse to try a different router since I’m not a fan of the orbi - it was a ‘need to buy’ and I didn’t really have a chance to research before I had to buy one).