Video Doorbell

Some customers would like a camera connected to a smart doorbell that they could put near their doors. This would allow them to receive an alert when someone rings the doorbell. They’d be able to see the face of the person and respond to the visitor through the app.




I was thinking that it should be fairly easy to create a video doorbell based on the Wyze Cam v2. You got most of the features already. The camera, night vision, two-way audio and motion detection. All you need is a slightly different case and a button that can be wired to the existing doorbell. Voila !

You can sell these for $30 and give those other companies a run for their money.


I second Chris’ request. A doorbell is a must. And if you do a doorbell you might as well use the environmental lessons learned to create/sell an outdoor cam.


That would be great but I’m still waiting on the outside cam.


If you do a doorbell, please make sure that it can run on both existing doorbell wireing/power and also battery option as a backup to wired power with usb recharge capability. Other vendors also use solar panels as a recharge option for the internal battery. Since doorbells are more action based, they sip power compared to other cameras. only active during a motion or button push.

my 3 cents.



I have been thinking on 3D printing an enclosure similar to the ‘other’, most popular video doorbell and transplanting the Wyze cam parts as well as a traditional door bell button, which is available for under $5.

If someone approaches the door, the Wyze motion detection will notify me on my phone and if they ring the bell, it will also ring inside the house.

The entire thing could probably be done for under $20 but I am still hoping Wyze will ‘wise up’ and make a video doorbell. It should be minimal engineering effort and not require much change to their hardware or software.

I don’t really need battery backup but I can see how some folks would like one.


I echo the above. I have a number of Wyze cams inside the house and I have been holding off on other video doorbell solutions so that I can have a Wyze integrated system. I really don’t want o be running a second app just for the doorbell.


Yes, I would like a Wyze Video Doorbell.


Doorbell plzzzzzz lol! Cant wait, would like to be on your test trial.


Hi all,
I’m curious and hopeful about whether or not the next logical step in the evolution of Wyze is to develop a doorbell cam. There are several outfits already in the market but based on the quality and advancements of the v1 and v2, I think Wyze could produce an amazing product. I would absolutely love to consolidate all of my cameras under one Wyze roof/application. Wyze already intigrates with Alexa with Google Home coming soon. It would not be hard to develop a doorbell cam and Wyze already has an app to manage it with. What do you say Wyze? Any chance this dream could come true?


I would love to replace my current doorbell cam with a Wyze cam option. Your night vision is so much better and I would love the green box showing the motion. Currently I am notified of motion with my current camera and when I look at the video I can’t see anything.


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If you support this, please vote and share you thoughts.
This is something we are looking at.


If you design this, I would try to make it as narrow as possible. Many homes have door frames that are narrow. The Ring video doorbell is too wide for some doors.


Wyze cameras already have sound detection of smoke alarms. How about adding detection of doorbell chimes, and then all I’d need to do is use my existing doorbell, position the camera and chime so the camera can hear when someone presses the doorbell, and problem solved! I understand there are many different types of doorbell chime so it won’t work with all of them, but if you just choose a common, cheap one with a distinct ring and support that one, then that would do.

Or, another option for anyone who can’t wait for Wyze to implement this is to pull apart an old smoke alarm, and wire that up to trigger from your doorbell, so Wyze will detect it as a smoke alarm and warn you. Bonus points if your method to trigger the smoke alarm is through a Rube-Goldberg style device that ends with some burnin tinder. Or, a little device that plays a short recording when pressed, on which you’ve recorded the sound of a smoke alarm.


I currently have a V2 about 6 feet above a skybell HD pointing at a different angle. If you do this, it’d be great if motion can trigger each other. doorbell detects motion, v2 will record as well and vice versa.


I’m shopping for a DIY home security system, I’ll buy a limited edition Wyze cam on Black Friday and a few regular cameras to try to create a DIY home security system. In future, it would be great if you can create a video doorbell, maybe even motion sensors to attach on doors/windows and paid 24/7 monitoring/alerting police in the event of a break-in.

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A possibility for a wyze DoorBell?

I just finished installing, all 4 doorbells, in 2016 !
Ugh, #$%@& !

The price, like The Season, will be "Very Merry ! ".


I’d buy one in a heart beat! Love the Wyze cameras!


Wyze should stick with what they are good at. Making affordable cams. I don’t really want 24/7 monitoring or overpriced cloud storage plans like the ‘other guys’

  1. Make an official outdoor version for $30
  2. Make a video doorbell for $30. I suggested in my original post that they just modify the case and use a standard doorbell button to wire to the existing doorbell. The motion sensor should be sufficient to activate the cam when someone approached.