Wyze Cam Pan Tester Reviews

I was also fortunate to be one of the testers as the Wyze product team was working out the issues before bringing the Pan camera to market.

I have several of their V1 camera, their V2’s and now several Pan cameras. Before getting Wyze camera’s I’ve used other brands that basically have similar functionality to the Wyze cameras including motion detection, alerting, recording and pan & tilt.

All worked well, but they cost many multiple of what the Wyze camera’s cost. I can get 4 or 5 Wyze cameras for the same price and largely the same functionality. And their app works very well and I love the alerting capability. At this point I really have just stopped using all my other camera that I spend several hundred dollars on!

The way I think about the Pan camera is that it has all of the V2 functionality, but it adds Pan & Tilt controls, motion tracking so that it can follow a moving target, and a scan mode.


Inexpensive and excellent value for what the camera’s cost (especially compared to the competition)

All of the V2 functionality (with the Wyze app providing: live steam video with audio, ability to talk through the camera speaker remotely, record and take picture, 12 second alert video’s sent to the cloud for 14 day storage, an alert schedule you can set, motion detection zone, motion tagging night vision, Smoke alarm and CO alarm detection; and with a Micro SD card you can record on motion or continuously, do time lapse video’s and play all that back, plus IFTTT integration (which I have not tested)

Easy set up with their app on iOS or Android

Pan and Tilt with 360 degrees of rotation

A scanning mode to you can program where it scans

Motion tracking – to follow what is moving in its field of view


You can hear the motor as the camera turn in a quiet room

Because it moves you need a way to mount the camera (small camera tripod, mounting bracket)

If used indoors with motion following, it can be a little creepy as it follows you around!

I’d prefer a darker, less obvious camera, so I used a black sticky film to cover mine!

I’d like to be able to use a web browser to view the camera, right now it only works via the app. And there is no support for Blue Iris (and other similar s/w)


It’s incredible value for money and if you looking for good camera with excellent functionality that can cover a wide area with it’s panning ability then look no further!

A step backwards?.. Maybe, maybe not.

Before purchasing 12 WYZE CAMs, I previously had 10 PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras of another brand set up around my house. These cameras had only a 60-degree field of view (FOV) and so their PTZ functionality was necessary to cover even a single room. But with WYZE CAM’s 110-degree FOV, I was pleased to find that a single camera mounted in the corner of a room would cover the whole room without the need to pan and without the attendant motor noise. I did not miss the pan/tilt at all. In fact, I was glad it was gone. Therefore, my initial reaction when invited to be an alpha tester of the WYZE CAM PAN was that it was a step backward and that the PTZ features were an unnecessary gimmick.

I was able to cover the same area as my 10 older PTZ cameras with 12 WYZE CAMs. In fact, those 12 WYZE CAMs covered the areas better and without the need to worry about panning. While the PTZ functions are initially fun to play with, after a while they become more of a burden and I find it more convenient to have fixed cameras covering a given area.

For a single room, if you can mount a single WYZE CAM V2 in the corner, the WYZE CAM PAN is not really needed. However, one of the situations where I have found the WYZE CAM PAN to be useful is when I travel. Previously, I would leave a WYZE CAM V2 in the hotel room to monitor the room while I’m gone. But without the ability to stick anything to the wall, it was often difficult to find a location in a corner that would cover the whole room. The WYZE CAM PAN solves this problem. It can be left on a table or desk and rotated to watch the whole room.

Another situation is an area in a home or office that cannot be covered by a single WYZE CAM V2. For example, an L-shaped area. Here there are some tradeoffs to consider. You can probably cover the area with a single WYZE CAM PAN, but to be sure to capture motion in both “wings” of the L, you need to enable the Pan Scan function with its attendant constant motor noise. With dual WYZE CAM V2s, each camera can monitor one “wing” and generate its own motion alerts. If cost is a factor, the WYZE CAM PAN costs about $38 shipped, while dual V2s cost about $50. So the PAN does save a few bucks in this scenario.

Here are some of the advantages I see for of each WYZE CAM model:

WYZE CAM PAN advantages:
• Can cover a larger area with a single camera
• Motion tracking can keep motion centered in the frame
• Less expensive than dual V2s if needed to cover a large area
• More easily used in temporary situations without the need to mount
• Pan/Tilt can be fun to play with (at least at first)

WYZE CAM V2 advantages:
• Can cover a whole room without the need to pan and attendant motor noise
• Can zoom in on motion without needing to pan
• Dual V2s can cover a large area without the need for Pan Scan
• Smaller profile than PAN with more flexible mounting options or the need for additional mounting hardware
• Covers a wide area without the need for any manual intervention

I will leave it to others to cover all the details of the PAN’s unique features. My recommendation: If you need to cover a large area that can’t be covered by a single V2, then I would go with dual V2s if the can be mounted appropriately and if the slightly higher cost is not a problem. On the other hand, for temporary locations and areas not easily covered by V2s, the PAN is the way to go.

I enjoyed being a tester for Wyze Cam Pan ! The easy setup and many options for any household are great. It has worked effortless for the few weeks I have had it. The Pan feature makes so little noise you do not hear it unless you are next to it. It is nice to check in your home when not there and the pan feature gives you a wide angle to see a larger area than a stationary cam. It has a nice clean sleek design that fits in well. The customer support team at Wyzecam is the best in the business, they are like friends with the desire to listen and act on any ideas that users would like, they are quick to act for any customer service questions. The nicest crew ever! The cost is unbelievable low for all the quality and features, plus the free cloud ! HELLO ! I will be buying more :slight_smile: Thank you Wyzecam !

I’ve had the Wyze Cam Pan in my home for approximately a month as part of the beta testing program. Shipping was prompt and the packaging was very well put together, just like the camera itself. Setup took a whole three minutes and after that my experience has been nothing less than fantastic. Wyze’s support is prompt, respectful, and make you feel truly valued as a customer.
The camera itself gives the user a great (nearly) 365 degree view of a room and paired with the motion tracking takes seeing what’s going on in your home to the next level. Even using the app to manipulate the camera from outside your home is fast and incredibly responsive. In the month I’ve had the camera I’ve experienced zero downtime and Wyze has proven to be a very trustworthy and worthwhile investment!
What’s even greater is the price point they offer the camera at with consideration of the value added in no monthly fees for their cloud service. I feel secure in knowing Wyze is looking after my home.

If those of you with questions would check YouTube, there are many reviews on the Wyze Cam Pan that can answer them for you.

There’s no panning this new WyzeCam! As a tester I have seen the Wyze Cam Pan go from hiding every time I came into the room to the watchful eye it has become. I have tested it on my Galaxy S7, iphone 6, and ipad mini 4. Setting it up is a breeze, I believe it scanned the qr code quicker than the v1 or v2. Of course it has the 14 day cloud storage for events and gives you a 12 second clip. If you want to see more, just go to that time on the playback timeline after installing your 32gb microsd card. It’s 360 degree panning is fairly quiet in the room, but a little noisy on audio through the app. The ability to setup way points for it to scan every 10 seconds is a very good option. The default option was good enough for me though. The 2 way audio has proved to be loud enough and audible enough to get my husbands attention when I need to. The night vision has been improved and lets me keep an eye on my office as well as the status of my washer and dryer, no more running down to find it is still rinsing. You can pan the cam with the app controls or if you turn your phone or ipad horizontal, you can pan the camera horizontal or vertical by swiping with your finger. Of course you have the option to set the camera in HD or SD mode and nightvision on, off, or auto. It has been amazing how hard the wyzecam group has worked to get this camera to where it is. Seems like in the morning there would be a new firmware or app update and by the afternoon there would be a new firmware or app available. I never knew how much R&D was involved in bringing a product to fruition. I believe this a great and affordable new camera from Wyze and look forward to adding more to my security system. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


Really, all I have to say is: “Wyze did it again!!” I was lucky enough to help out with testing of the new Wyze Cam Pan and this thing is freakin’ cool. Does it have some limitations? Sure. But everything else it can do is phenomenal. Let’s start from the beginning…

If you liked the packaging and setup of the Wyze Cam v1 and v2, you’re going to love it again! Pan came attractively and securely packaged. Setup with the app was a breeze, per usual. All good in this department!

Once Pan is up and running, you immediately realize how much fun it’s going to be. Pan has all the same features of v2, including the option for HD or SD video, night vision, photo snapshots, manual video recording, 2-way audio, motion tagging, time lapse, sound alerts, motion alerts, smoke alarm alerts, CO alerts, alert scheduling, free 14-day cloud based notifications with video clips, and IFTTT support, but then Pan goes wild! Not only can you manually pan 360 degrees, tilt up/down, and zoom, but Pan can DO IT BY ITSELF!! What the whaaaaat? Turn on Pan Scan and the camera will look around, cycling between various positions, either 4 pre-defined waypoints or manually selected waypoints to scan as much or as little of the 360-degree view as you want. What gets even crazier is when you turn on Motion Tracking, the camera will actually FOLLOW OBJECTS AROUND as they move across the field of vision. As soon as the object stops or moves out of range, the camera will either go back to its previous stationary position or resume Pan Scan. Be warned however! This is guaranteed to scare the bejeebers of any unsuspecting friends, partners, delivery drivers, or pets than Pan may see and track.

Ok, not to be a Debbie Downer, but this magical device does have a few limitations. First, in Pan Scan mode, you are limited to a 10 second interval of the camera moving between waypoints. You cannot have it sit at each position for a shorter or longer amount of time. Second, the Motion Tracking is pretty awesome, but it isn’t perfect, and can overshoot the movement at times. This has been getting better and better as updates roll out. Third, Pan does not have a magnetic base like v1 and v2, but it does have a threaded tripod mount. And finally, the same limitations of the original Wyze Cams exist as the Pan is only rated for indoor use and only approved for 32GB SD cards, although people have had luck with their Pans outside and with larger SD cards (proceed at your own risk). One more item to note is that if you are a v1 or v2 owner, you need to be careful not to mix up your power adapters. The Pan adapter looks identical to the v1 and v2 adapter, but the v1 and v2 adapters will not be able to supply enough power for Pan to work.

So, as we were testing, we did not know how much Wyze Cam Pan would cost once it was released. I loved the product with all of the new features, but had a gut full of dread that the cost would creep up into the realm of other smart cameras, and I would no longer think the value was there. And then WYZE DID IT AGAIN!! (see how I tied that around full circle?) Only $30?!?!? How in the heck is that possible? Still an amazing value, so good that I will likely buy a few more Pan Cams, because why not?? I mean shoot, you’re wasting money by not buying Wyze Cams! And always, customer support from Wyze is great, from product troubleshooting to app and firmware updates, they continue to shine. I truly cannot wait to see what this company does next!

I hate to say it but I was really hoping it was going to be either an outdoor camera or a doorbell camera. Do you guys actually want this??

I’ll let everyone else speak for whether or not they want the Pan Cam. However, I CAN say that this has been frequently requested. Not as much as an outdoor camera but it was desired!

We’re working on a design for an outdoor camera but I don’t know when that will be ready. Our manufacturer already had this hardware available. :slight_smile:

Thanks for fast response. Super happy to hear about a outdoor camera coming out. Put me down for 4. And I need 3 more for my daughter. ?

My pleasure! I’m pretty stoked about the outdoor camera, myself! We look forward to your future order. :smiley:

I don’t want just any outdoor Cam, I NEED 6 Outdoor PanCams NOW!

Outdoor PanCams would be a security industry game changer.

In order to get adequate coverage around my house and property I have to use 15 stationary cameras. If I had PanCams I would only need 6 and they would actually provide me with better coverage and make monitoring easier.

I love your innovative devices and think I would be a great candidate for testing and reviewing your products. How can I apply to participate in Alpha/Beta tests in the future?


Thank You!

Hey, Jeremy!

Sorry for my delay! We don’t have any openings right now but if you keep an eye on our beta section of the forum, the Wyze Cam Core Users Facebook group, and our subreddit you will know about the next round of open applications. :slight_smile:



Ok this Cam Pan cable connects into the camera not the base. There really is no base. I have one here, and on the webpage if you click on the Cam Pan it rotates and shows where the connection is in the back. It isn’t the optimal design as the cable can impede the movement of the camera depending on the amount of slack.

True that when connected to the base, the cable must lay flat for the first inch or so away from the camera to prevent it from interfering with movement. I have not found this to be problem at all though.

I might have been too literal in defining the base. It plugs into the casing I guess :smiley: which houses the camera. I found it kind of annoying when I initially got the camera. We had it in a tight location where there was limited space behind the camera, and first test pan sent it to the floor! Still works, and the picture is excellent, specially when you consider the price!

Love my Pan Cam. Would really like to see a Wyze doorbell cam too.

You can vote for the doorbell camera at the link below. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.