Who else is excited?

I just ordered a Wyze Cam Pan. I’m very interested in the tracking feature. I might even test this bad boy outside :). What new features are you excited about?

I have 3 V1’s and 3 V2’s. I just bought 2 Pan Cameras! I can’t wait to see all the features this Pan camera has. I want to play with Pan and Tilt features. I will replace two of my V1’s with these Pan Cameras and go from there!

I am. I have 4 V1s right now and just order 4 Pan cameras. Can’t wait to check them out. Been waiting all week for the announcement.

It’s a really great piece of hardware/software. I’m sure you guys will really enjoy it!

Extremely excited. I just purchased 3. Also, have 3 v2’s. Also, happy this is in stock and shipping…NO WAIT TIME!!! :wink:



I watched your review! Loved it! It is must watch TV! (even though it is YouTube, not TV)



Nice review! I just watched it on YouTube. I subscribed to your channel.

Thanks guys! I love reviewing tech but I will say for sure, reviewing the Wyze cam V2 and now the Pan has been the most fun I’ve had in a while.

Great product, great company.

I’m a bit concerned about this camera’s motor noise went tracking. From the video reviews I’ve seen everyone has said it’s not quiet. And I really don’t want an intruder alerted to where my camera is.