Who else wants a Wyze Pan+Zoom Pro?

Hopefully we see a Pan and Zoom Pro in 2023!

What does Pro mean for Wyze anyway? More than 1080p?
Can we get a dual lens Pan Wyze Cam with 3X zoom for like $100+ USD?

There has been other interest in a Wyze Pan+Zoom camera. Dongsheng Song, one of the founders, posted this quickie concoction on Facebook. It is the OG T 3x camera on top of the Wyze Pan V3! :smile:


Hmmm, might have to try that after my OG T cameras show up.

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I did something similar. Plan to deploy once the snow is gone… but did some initial testing inside.

The motor struggles with the extra weight and will never make it to a full privacy tilt, but not an orientation I will use in this design.

I will also need to “ceiling mount” ( making my own mount). Any obstruction to the rear will not allow a downward view.

But, all in all, initial testing faired useable.

I used 3M double sided tape on the 4 corners and center mass to connect the two cameras.

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That sadly is going to put a heck of a strain on the tilt motor. I doubt that will last long like that. If you placed it on the SIDE of of the camera it would be more balanced for the tilt motor and you could look down no issue. You would have limit on turning to one direction. However if you placed a 2 inch block of wood under the mount so it moved the camera away from the post it would then be able to turn and clear everything.

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I mounted mine on the side and made sure the pan camera was mounted away from the wall. That way the movement was not strained.