Pan telephoto lens

Hi. I’ve been lurking around for a while now but can’t find if anyone has added a 25mm lens to the cam-pan. I have 7 V3s up and running and just added a 25mm lens to one today. Super impressed! Wow!
I have a big(ish) parking lot at my business and want to see plate numbers. If I can change the lens, and be able to pan around the lot, my prayers will have been answered. Plus I get to tinker around with a neat project. I’ll take pictures along the way and post them here. Unless of course there’s a reason nobody else is doing this?

Don’t think many have done a lens swap in a Wyze Pan Cam. But the links below may provide some info


Thanks for the links. The video focused on the bottom part and didn’t remove the lens but helped.

I managed to replace the lens and took a few photos along the way.

You need to make sure to register your camera and link it to your wifi before proceeding or set up won’t work after replacing the lens!!!

The first step is to expose the two screws holding the back cover on. One is behind the label, and the other is behind the rubber plug.

Remove those and slide it down a bit and take the cover off. Next spread the case a bit to release the entire bottom assembly. And disconnect the speaker wire from the board and place backing plate aside

I don’t think the ribbon can be separated from either board so it’s a bit awkward to remove the two Screws holding the lens assembly and board under the top of the case. And slide it all out the bottom. (Some wires are taped to the side you’ll need to untape)

The lens assembly and motor gears should be marked so the gears go back together exactly the same as they were. Mark them and remove the two screws holding the motor and set motor aside

Remove the two screws and wires holding the lens in place. Push the lens itself and it will pop right out.

From here use a razor blade to cut the epoxy holding the lens In place and unscrew it. Screw in you new lens with patience. You don’t want to mess up the treads. Once your confident it’s straight, screw it in a bit more and put your camera back together. Plug it in and make adjustments screwing the lens in until it’s in focus.

As the goal of this project is parking lot security and licence plate reading, the next step will be weather proofing for out door use. For this I will be modifying a water and vapour sealed outdoor light assembly and mounting upside down.

I’ll post the completed project as well as camera screenshots when it’s done. Fixture arrives Monday

Sorry to be long winded but hoping if anyone else is considering the same, this will help them out a bit.


Excellent work and documentation, thanks @cliffyd123 .

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